I can't decide which bag to get next...

  1. Technically, I am on the bag ban until mid June, but I just can't help but constantly thinking about which bag to get next. Since it is only one month left, I would like to get some opinions from fellow tPF members. I am planning to get a shoulder bag next. I already have Mussette Tango, Lucille PM, BH, and Damier Hampstead MM in the shoulder bag category.

    So here are my choices:

    1. MC White Ursula - I need something in MC White and of the three new MC bags, I like Ursula the most.

    2. Denim Baggy PM - Ever since I got the neo speedy, I felt in love with Denim. I would love to have a shoulder bag in denim which I can grab and go.

    3. Damier Berkeley Ebony - This is my dream bag. Although I can probably wait until Fall comes around to get this bag. I don't need it right away for summer.

    4. Other suggestions?

    Please help me pick my next bag! :rolleyes:
  2. My vote is with the ursula all the way! I almost tripped over myself ogling over it! :sweatdrop::love: Good luck with your decision, it's a butt hard choice but will be fun to make! Make sure to let us know what you choose :nuts:
  3. Denim Baggy PM ----- but that's because I'M after it!
  4. Ursula! It's my current dream bag!
  5. I love the Berkeley! If it's your dream bag and if you have been sticking to your ban, you deserve it! I want it too, in Azur but I won't have the $ for when it launches so hopefully it becomes part of the permanent collection!
  6. Berkeley! My dream bag too!
  7. Denim Baggy PM!!!

    I also have a Denim Speedy and am absolutely in love with the denim line! The Baggy GM is on my wish list as it seems like the PM will be smaller than what I am looking for. If you are used to the capacity of your speedy I suggest looking into the GM as well.
  8. denim baggy, like you I like the idea that its a shoulder bag, perfect for summer.

    In fact I have mine out today :smile:

  9. Thanks to everyone's response! :flowers:

    For those who have Baggy PM. Do you think it is too small? Will it fit everything that I can fit inside a speedy 25? I usually carry a PTI Wallet, 2 cell phones, an agenda, a mini pochette, and a makeup pouch.
  10. either the ursala or the berkeley!~
  11. get your dream bag!!
  12. The Berkeley is also known as the sporty bag, right? Well, that's my choice!! In Azur!!!! For Summer!!! :smile:
  13. I vote Ursuala!
  14. Denim Baggy!
  15. Denim Baggy.