I can't decide what bag! Please help!

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  1. So I'm stuck between the Neo Noe, the Petit Noe and the Neverfull. I love them all but in different ways!

    The Petit is just so pretty but I want an everyday bag and I would be terrified of the vachetta. So maybe not this bag this time!

    The Neo because I love the shape of the Noe, but just unsure of the quality. But in a couple of years will it become unfashionable?

    And the neverfull because it's such a classic, and I love a tote bag! But they are just soo popular. I don't know if I'd prefer something a little different.

    Such a hard decision! If anyone has owned any of the above please could you let me know your thoughts? Or if you have any other recommendations? I was even beginning to consider the palm springs backpack!
  2. I have the neonoe in black and haven’t experienced any quality issues. Unfashionable is also subjective. You should rock what fits your style regardless.
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  3. I have the canvas and epi leather Neo Noe in black and I absolutely love them. I don’t own the neverfull but have the Jersey which is similar I guess, just a tad structured. I would definitely choose the Neo Noe. I don’t bother too much about trends as I love it and think it’s gorgeous and I do my own thing :smile:
    Go try them out in store and see which one makes you smile more ;)
  4. Neo noe.
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  5. You are right - the Neverfull is everywhere! But I liked the style and tried it on and don`t like it on my shoulder especially if you wear a jacket. But I have to say - I`m plus size. Now I have the NeoNoe and it`s very comfortable on the shoulder. I don`t think this style is dated.
    You said you like the Palm Springs. I can`t imagine it`s a good every day bag and for me is this style more dated.
  6. I have the Neverfull MM in DA and the Petite Noe NM in Epi Noir. I thoroughly enjoy both bags. I went through a phase where I greatly disliked the NF b/c it was too common, but came around to accepting that it's a bag I enjoy carrying.

    I like the casual vibe and comfort of the NF and I like the boho look of a bucket bag.

    I would choose the other 2 over the Neo Noe. I don't really like that there is no trim on the top of the Neo Noe.
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  7. neverfull or neo noe
  8. I have neverfull gm that I only use for traveling. I have epi neonoe and it is one of the bags that I use daily.
  9. I don't think a functional bag like the neonoe will go out of style. Plus it's such a minimalist look (minimal hardware and embellishments) that I think it'll look great for years to come.
  10. I like monogram with black , so black neonoe or the personalized world tour neverfull mm with black trim, both care free.
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  11. I like petit noe too. It was the first LV that I love and it was my first LV too.. But along the way, I can’t stand the vachetta and I do have the epi version but it showing scratches on the smooth leather part. I hope you know what I mean.
    Now is about neo noe, I also like this bag. I am a bucket bag girl, just simply love it. I have lockme bucket which similar with neo noe. I don’t think bucket style is just a trend. I think it’s forever because me and my sister loves noe since 30 years a go. Hmm I think more than that because my mother also use bucket bag style, to be exact is petit noe since when I was in primary school. This is when my obsession started.. :P
    As for neverfull, I know it’s every where and everyone has it. But maybe, because this bag is so easy to use ? Simple, lightweight, roomy, and just beautiful ? Because this is how I feel about my neverfull. If you want your neverfull to be different, just order mon monogram or world tour collection or wait for seasonal design that you like. Mine is mon monogram and I super love mine..
    Sorry for the long story, in short is : just get what make your heart sing.. Good luck..!
  12. Petite! I loved mine.
  13. I am not good with vachetta so that would rule out Petit Noe. I saw the black Neo Noe in person on someone and thought it looked great. I enjoyed it so much more than when I handled it in the store. My concern with that bag is possible cracking of the canvas since the edge isn't protected by leather. I have 2 neverful MM's. A red Kusama and DE. I rarely use the Kusama but I have carried the heck out of the DE. Mine is the original design. I have experienced minimal cracking on the straps...I don't think anyone else would notice it. Everytime I carry it I realize why I love it. It's just so light and easy to carry. I don't have a problem with it staying on my shoulder and I am plus-size. In winter I wear vests usually so it still works for me. I am really sick but could manage to toss in a really large umbrella and a full size box of tissues with ease. I was surprised. I did have a pink Ikat GM that I babied and lost to glazing issues. I think about getting another GM but had way more issues with it bumping into things.

    Good luck deciding. Think about what you may want to carry as the 3 bags on your radar are different sizes. For me, I live in the NE USA so as I approach winter, I always like the ability to have the extra space to toss in an umbrella or scarf and gloves when out shopping.
  14. I have the neverfull and neo noe. I used the neverfull as a baby bag. Now that my LO is 3, I don’t need to carry as much and use it for travel. The neo noe I have in mono with black and love that as an everyday casual bag. It’s carefree and comfortable. Fits my essentials plus some extras for my little. My vote is for neo noe!
  15. Neo Noe