I cant decide.. Should I get this sweater?

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  1. I am in love with this sweater, but so far I cant bring myself to buy it.. I really need some extra voices to make my decision..


    Let me know what you think!
    Talk me in or out of it
  2. ^ I agree!
  3. Personally, it is not my style, but it looks really cute on Miley. You said that you're in love with it, so what is holding you back? Is it the price tag, or do you think you won't wear it often, or something else?
  4. Can you try it on?
  5. not feeling this one, but lil Cyrus is working it...looks good on her..
  6. I think its more the price thats holding me back at this point then anything, that and I cant try it on unfortunately so I'm afraid I'll order it and it wont fit and I'll just be sad having to return it.
  7. Not really my style
  8. I've been in this position before where I really liked a dress but wasn't sure if it was was worth the money and if it would look good on me. There was no way for me to try it on beforehand, so I decided to just order it. It ended up not fitting me properly, so I had to return it, but I was glad that I got the chance to try it on to see how it looked on me. I think I would've still been thinking about that dress to this day if I didn't order it and try it out. I was actually relieved to know that it didn't work for me and ended up finding a dress that looked a lot better on me and that was worth the money.

    It sounds like you really like the sweater, so if I were you, I would probably order it and give it a try. If you end up feeling like it's not worth the money or it's not flattering on you, I don't think you would be sad if you had to return it, as long as it doesn't cost much, if anything, to return it. You tried it out and found that it didn't work, and something else that you like will come along that's worth the money.
  9. I really don't like it, sorry
  10. It looks quite cute on Miley, but it's not my style.
  11. I like it from the front, but not from the back.
  12. i don't really like it.....i wouldn't get it if it's over 200...
  13. Not really a fan, sorry.
  14. I don't like it