I can't decide! Please help me!

  1. I'm in desperate need of some help. I've been looking at two bags, but I only need one.
    I like the first one because it's easy to carry around (it's small), and I like the style. Plus it will look great with pretty much any outfit and any color.
    I like the second one because I think the color is great! Of course I like the style as well. And it will hold a lot of things because it's bigger than the first one. But because it's bigger it's not as easy to carry around an entire day as a small handbag is.
    I've been thinking and thinking, and I just can't make up my mind, I need some help!
  2. I like the 1st one better...but check the return policy in case you don't like it....it would be less hassle to return the Saks bag if you hated it....Also the second one might get real dirty fast....
  3. Totally agree! But remember- you won't be going wrong with either one, it's just a matter of which is the better "Right"!:p
  4. I like both!!!
    I have the first one in a tote version.Its a fab bag....
    U cant go wrong with either one.
  5. I like first one.
  6. I would go with the first one. I would prefer it too be all black though. :p
  7. i also like the first one :smile:
  8. Mine's a vote for the first one too. I've seen a similar one with red and loved it.
  9. I like the first one too - the 2nd is a bit plain and almost looks like any old tote, where the first is much more stylish. They have a lot of similar bags (to the first) on Bluefly - did you look there?
  10. i like the first one better. good luck!
  11. Thank you all for helping me out. I have decided to go with the first one. Unless I come across something I like even better in the meantime :drool:

    I have looked at bluefly.com. The bag I want is about $30 cheaper there, but the shipping seems a bit expensive and complicated as I need to have the bag shipped outside the US. Raffaello Network only charges $10 or so. But yeah, bluefly does have a lot of bags similar to the one I want. Maybe I'll end up finding my next bag there :happydance:
  12. Oh by the way, does anyone know if the first one have that creme/gold lining? It's hard to tell from the picture what the color is, but I've seen similar models with that color, and I LOVE it!!!