I can't decide! Please, help a newbie.

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Which LV for the newbie

  1. Vertical Batignolle

  2. Vertical Lockit

  3. Petit Noe

  4. Mini Noe

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. After seeing a lady carrying a gorgeous patinaed noe, I've become obsessed with LV bags. I can't narrow it down to which bag to buy. I'm between the vertical batignolle, vertical lockit, petit noe and mini noe. My only "against" for the lockit and mini noe is I would need to buy an extra strap to shoulder carry them -- a must because I have a 3 year-old and infant -- and they don't seem to be available anywhere in the US. Any thoughts?
  2. Out of those choices, I like the BH the best. :smile: Good luck with your decision!
  3. Mini Noe is WAY too small, IMO.

    I picked Petit Noe because I am a Petit Noe-a-holic. Love those bags to death. They are GREAT for the woman on the go because of their carefree nature.
  4. Would you not consider a Batignolles Horizontal? Of your choices, I'd pick the Petit Noe.
  5. That's not on the list, silly goose!
  6. I like the BV the best! But they are all great bags!
  7. I voted for the petit noe. Seems like the best choice with kids.
  8. I picked the BV, although I prefer the BH's shape. However if you love the noe you should get the petit noe.
  9. I would go with either a BV or BH. They're both very versatile and great looking bags. I find my BH to be very practical because I have a 2 year old. I can definitely store a lot of things in there.
  10. i dont have any of those bags. but i really like the petit noe.
  11. I say BV. I have the HB and it is very useful with my almost three year old and I'm expecting my second child soon. So, I'm putting it to very good use! Good Luck!
  12. I would get the petit noe, I have one in MC and it's a great bag, holds a lot and it has a single strap which will stay on your shoulder when you're dashing around. I sometimes find the bags with two straps that one strap will often keep slipping off my shoulder.
    Could be just me.:shame:
  13. Out of your choice, I'd pick the BV, but think the BH is a better choice!
  14. Vertical Batignolle. You need straps!
  15. BV or BH are good choice :yes: