I can't decide on a wallet

  1. hi people

    I wanna get a wallet for my 18th birthday. But i can't decide on which wallet to get. I love chanel alot. But I'm considering between a chanel wallet or a LV
    Monogram Vernis Koala Wallet .

    So i hoping you all can give me suggestions on which one i should get. I would prefer something small with a transparent slot of id.

    Thanks for helping me out

  2. I prefer a Chanel wallet!!
  3. chanel , i dont like LV.
  4. Chanel all the way...:heart:
  5. I prefer leather wallets, so I'll say Chanel.

    I have a PNY wallet and love it. I'm not sure if they're still around, but Chanel does make another distressed leather wallet. It's long and very nice. I've seen it in blue.
  6. I love my Chanel wallets. I don't think my PNY wallet has a clear slot for ID... wait let me go take a look.... nope it has a slot but it is not transparent. I don't think any of my Chanel wallets have that. I have the Cambon black with white CC and LOVE it. I also have the white outdoor ligne. I think the transparent slot may not exist in the Chanel wallets. Maybe another PFer will come along and contradict that--- Good Luck with your search!
  7. hi, i have many LV wallets. i have the koala in damier. i, too, like the transparent window, but there are other features i don't love about this wallet.
    my only chanel wallet is the large cambon and i adore it. i am definitely going to be purchasing more chanel wallets in the future, and i need another wallet like i need a hole in my head... :push:
    i'd definitely give them a try...beautiful and quite functional!:yes:
  8. I say go for Chanel. I don't know that any of their wallets has a clear slot for an ID, though. I've got the PNY wallet that's been mentioned. I love mine, but, for instance, it's a lot bigger than the LV Koala wallet, so it depends on what sort of bag you'll be using it in, too. My PNY wallet is fine with my larger bags, but wouldn't work in a clutch or east/west flap, for instance.
  9. I have both LV and chanel wallets. I will go against the trend and say I like my LV wallet better. It really can stand the wear and tear. I have a Chanel French Purse in caviar leather. There is a problem with the stitching coming loose on the CC emblem. My SA is going to get me a new one but I'm not sure if I will even use it because I love my LVs so much. I have an epi and a groom. I'm also considering getting an epi white french purse when the white hits the stores.
  10. last week at scp chanel, i saw a wallet exactly like th lv koala. the sa even said that it looks like th lv koala.

  11. really? that's funny. I was in chanel last week too and didnt see anything like that. maybe i missed it. hehe

    Anyway, I think you should get an LV wallet. although i dont have one, my sister owns one in epi. I have a small chanel wallet and I have to say that the LV one is much more durable..:p

  12. :yes: ....yup