I can't decide on a bag!!!!!

  1. I am veryyyy close to being able to choose a spring/ summer bag - - my DH is about to cave (I can tell). I have obsessed (as you ALL know) for months about this -my god I am a bad decision maker. I really love the denim line and am thinking linchen....speedy. Although I really like the baggy pm. Question - does the denim speedy hold more than the baggy pm? I am siding with the speedy because I am loving the whole handheld thing. Give me opinions - I am thinking I may be having a nice LV Mother's Day this year......anything is better than slippers from Sears, right??????
  2. I vote for speedy, I just ordered the lichen from eLux. I tried a blue one on in my boutique today and loved it! If you normally carry a 25 it will hold the same amount, maybe more. I can't speak for the baggy because I haven't ever tried it on. I :heart: handheld bags! Let us know what you decide.
  3. I vote for the baggy pm! both are great but you can carry the baggy in your hand ya know... the speedy reminds me of a SUB lol
  4. neo Speedy in blue...the speedy sits better than the baggy, and I only like the GM version...
  5. lol @ sub. Omg it sort of does look like a sub. An italian one - ok now I am hungry. :s
  6. I have the baggy pm in blue and fushia-:heart: them- they holds the same amount as my mono speedy 25- I don't know if the denim speedy would hold more though- I'm sure which ever one you decide on you'll love
  7. in the lichen, i like the baggy pm!!
  8. vote for speedy.
  9. i like the lichen in the baggy models more than the neo speedy. but you can't really go wrong either way as the lichen is beautiful as it is. good luck as i know you've been agonizing over which bag for awhile now. :smile:
  10. I vote for the baggy PM since you already have a speedy. Its a different style and adds a little variety..HOWEVER, if you LOVE the speedy (which I know you do - and I do too BTW) then you should get that because you won't be completely fulfilled with anything but a speedy. Oh man, I stink at decision making too...sorry. I guess try them both on at the boutique and decide?? Good luck, girl, can't wait to see what you choose!
  11. Bagladie, you have been obsessing over the pink denim speedy like crazy...you need to get that bag, stat!!!! :woohoo:
  12. I like Neo best, but I really like baggy in GM. I like that you can wear it shorter, or long/messenger style.
  13. they hold about the same.
  14. My vote is towards a Baggy PM too!
  15. I think, if you can find one, get a pink Baggy PM...........