I Can't Decide : Love All But Limited Finances

Which one should I get

  • Dior New Lock

  • Loewe Amazona

  • Chloe Aurore

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Sep 27, 2007
Love all three but finances are limited.

a) Dior New Lock

b) Loewe Amazona

c) Chloe Aurore

A large majority of the bags in my collections are double handles hand-carried bags. Occasionally these handcarry bags can be worn on shoulders as well, eg Marcie, Bay. The only 2 solely shoulder bags I have are the Sallys.

So I wondering which one should I get. I do like the New Lock but I am worried I may not use it as much. But I still wish I can buy all three.


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The leather on Dior bags are so luscious and luxurious...How about the Dior granville. It can be carried both ways and is one of the most perfect bags I have ever owned!

Chloes are Chloes...Unique and soooooo cool

I'm not a fan of the Loewe
My vote goes either for the Dior or the Chloe. Depends on what you will use most. The Aurore is a 'grab and go' bag and will hold lots. The Dior can be dressed up or down with beautiful soft leather. Also, would depend if you want a larger or small bag.
That's tough as they're all special in their own way. Are you wanting something fancy or more simple? The Dior bag is a bit more dressy. I like it best personally. But it depends too on if you have a special purpose for the bag? A color preferrably in mind? Lots of variables here. More info please.....;)
I want a bag that I can carry to work anytime. I think all three bags I can use for work. If I get the Dior it will be in rouge. The other 2 are also the colors I am considering.
I voted for the Chloe. I just like the look better. My second choice would be the Loewe. The Dior just doesn't look like an everyday work bag, IMO.
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