I can't decide it again(?__?)


Which option? Thank you for voting!!!

  1. Keep Azur speedy 30 and forget the BV!

  2. Exchange the speedy for BV!

  3. Keep speedy and buy BV too!

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  1. I finally got my Azur speedy 30 last month, but I didn't use it yet.
    I worry it'll get dirty easily in this weather.
    Now I have a second thought that I actually want a bag for everyday use.
    I am thinking to get the BV. I can keep the speedy and buy a BV, but I don't want to spend so much money on bags just in 2 months. I definitely love my Azur speedy, but I don't think it could be an everyday bag. Do you use ur Azur speedy for an everyday bag? Should I exchange it for BV??? Let's also see how the poll goes...
  2. what's the BV? Sorry I'm new and don't know all the names yet.
    I'll be interested to see what others say about the Azur speedy - I would LOVE to find that bag (if it's still available) but also worry about the light color. I want to find a good everyday no worries bag. :yes:
  3. BV=Batignolles Vertical
  4. i love the azur speedy, i would definitely use it as an everyday bag if i had one!
  5. love love the azur speedy!!!!
  6. Oh ok sorry. I had gone into LV to look for that bag .. almost bought the Popincourt Haut though as I liked the shape of it better.

    Tough decision .. depending on the answer you get about the wearability (how delicate) I'd definitely go with the Azur!
  7. ya, I think the azur is suitable as an everyday bag. The canvas looks light, but it's very easy to maintain, doesn't get dirty at all. Just be more careful with the leather tho :yes:
  8. i would keep the azur and patiently save up for the BV. you can never have too many bags (; i think after ya sell your azur speedy, you will miss it terribly!
  9. get both! yay!
    i thinkyou will use the speedy when it gets sunnier, and also, it just wipes clean i think...
  10. Agree :yes:
  11. i have an azur speedy 25, and i love it! i have not taken it out yet, though... it has been warming up, and the snow is melting... but i'm waiting another couple weeks or so to use it. i think it should be fine as an every day bag. i wouldn't worry too much about getting it dirty, since the canvas is coated. i've used my azur pochette, and had absolutely no problems and it's still as new as the day i received it last Nov.

    i voted that you should get both! the speedy is handheld, and the BV is a shoulder bag... i think it's wonderful to have variety in a collection.
  12. I use my Azur speedy as a everyday bag!! :yes: I LOVE IT!!:love:

    As for getting dirty I agree w/ other posters...just wipe down the canvas. It's pretty durable....BUT the vachetta is another issue...that's what you have to be careful with. Just like any mono bag...It's the Vachetta. U can use protectant for it if you want. Some PFers do, some don't...just a preference.

    I haven't had any problems with dirt at all on the canvas. It holds up pretty well.

    HTH!! Good Luck on your decision! ;)

    BTW: I voted "Keep the Azur, forget the BV!" heehee!
  13. I say keep Azur and buy the BV.
  14. Azur Speedy is so adorable. Keep her. Then buy a Batignolles Vertical later.
  15. Do you prefer handheld or do you prefer a shoulder bag for an everyday bag? That would also be a question to consider in your decision process.