I can't decide if I should buy this Gucci bag....

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  1. first, let me say that I've been spendin too much money lately. Last month I went to a Kooba sample sale and spent too much - some of it I'm going to sell on ebay and have not sold it yet...

    I see this Gucci bag I really like on sale the Creole Hobo - granted, I always have liked Gucci and no bag in specific - I just saw this one on sale and thought it would be perfect for me and it's a Gucci GG logo bag.
    I haven't bought it yet because I can't decide if I should just buy it or hold out and save the money for a bag I've been eyeing for months.

    The bag is around $750 with tax and shipping as opposed to $1150.
    I dont know if that's such a great deal. It's on the Gucci website.
    Should I just forget it and save my money and sanity?
  2. you don't seem too certain so I say skip it and save your money. Only get it if you think its something that will stay on your mind and you absolutely must have.