I can't decide if I like this wallet...

  1. I ordered this wallet last week over the phone when the new signature stripe colors came out. I had not seen this color combination in person before ordering the wallet so I wasn't sure what to expect. I saw the mini skinny in this color online and when I saw this color wasn't listed for the accordian wallet I called to see if it was available. Without thinking, I just ordered it.

    I love accordian wallets and will carry nothing else. I've been looking for a new one but I almost think the large black and white signature pattern is too obnoxious. I hate wearing things that scream, "look at my Coach bag!"

    What does everyone think? :confused1:



  2. I think it is super cute!:yes:
  3. I'm not a fan of the signature stripe but the signature pattern doesn't bother me at all. I have a sig. wallet. It's inside your bag, anyway, so not many people will see if if you're worried about it screaming Coach.
  4. Thanks! I appreciate it!

    I'm not a huge signature stripe fan, either. I thought it might grow on me in the black but it hasn't yet. I have two accordian wallets now - one in black/white mini signature and one in black/black large signature. I like both of them really well - I just really wanted one with brass hardware. Ugh. I hate decisions like this.
  5. I really like it. I think the black (being very basic) can go with almost any bag and be used in almost any other season.
  6. I saw someone today with that in crimson it is a nice wallet.
  7. I have this wallet in parchment/khaki sig and I love it! Holds a TON!
  8. Im just not liking this one.
  9. try it for a day or so to see if you're comfortable - and then if there's a part of you not really liking it, then it's not worth keeping.

    perhaps you should return it and wait for the one that will make your heart soar when you see it! :yes:
  10. its ok.. not a fan of the black/grey color theme.
    Perhaps another color?
  11. I have the blue optics,and I love it!. It holds alot!. Maybe get it another scheme, IMO COACH's black/silver signature stuff is fug,id get it in anohter color,maybe a brown?
  12. color-wise, it's fine. i love the black. i HATE accordion wallets, though. but if that's what you love, cool.

    but, honestly...if you're not happy with it now, you never will be. first impressions of new goods are pretty accurate. so, i say go get something else you know you'll love.

  13. Does it hold a checkbook?
  14. I'm also not a fan of the black/grey combo...but that's just me. My SIL has this wallet in the khaki/gold and it's BEAUTIFUL...I hope to get this one in the khaki/white when/if it ever comes out.

    I have this wallet in a leather version that I picked up at the outlet...LOVE this wallet. Love the style, love how much I can put in it, love the "heft" of it too...works nicely to flatten out the bottom of bags! hehehe Zip around wallets are the best, imo, because you can just cram receipts/change in it and zip it closed...unlike a fold wallet where you have to be more careful.
  15. Sure, it could. There isn't a specific place to put one but you could easily fit a checkbook and register in the accordian pockets.

    The thing I love most about a zip around accordian wallet is that it can lay unzipped in the bottom of my bag with complete access to all of the contents. I never have to take it out - ever. Plus, it's got a ton of pockets/compartments and it doesn't really take up a lot of room in my purse. I typically carry smaller purses and I usually don't have a problem with its size.

    Here's my dilemma: if I never take it out of my bag anyway, does it really matter what the outside looks like? Does it really matter that the black/white signature pattern isn't the most beautiful in the world or "fug" as Jadore put it? LOL!! I laughed my butt off when I read that . "Fugly" is an awesome word and I definitely need to use it more often.

    I think I'll hold on to it and decide later. Maybe it will grow on me or, then again, maybe I'll decide that I hate it.

    Thanks everyone for your opinions and input - I appreciate you all!! :flowers: