i can't decide!!! help!!!

  1. i absolutely LOVE the chanel diagonal cc flap bag, but its $2495 :tdown: should i just get it or should i get two chanel bags (i'll probably add a little more money) but i'll get TWO bags!? this picture is from butterflie, i love her bag so so so much and i can't find a picture of this bag anywhere else. Thanks for all your help!!!

    oh i was thinking about the pst and the le marais dark gold flap (picture attached) or any other bags you all girls suggest? i love pratical bags that are still pretty and don't need a lot of care. I already have the e/w caviar flap in black, pink wallet on a chain and the ultimate soft in black (which is actually a bag that needs sooo much care haha). and if i get the diagonal cc i'll probably go with black too...i just can't stray away from black lol. anyway HELP ME GIRLS! thanks!
    Picture037-1.jpg LesMaraisflapgold.jpg
  2. ohh i also loveeee the bronze baby cabas! :heart:
  3. I'd get 2 bags over one, but if you LOVE it you may regret not getting it...
  4. thats what im afraid of, regretting it!!! but u know...two bags!
  5. I don't have a diagonal flap, but I do have the Le Marais flap in gold and love it. Even though it's gold (very matte, not shiny) it's a great everyday bag. I have used this bag so much since I bought it. It does have a bit of a distressed look, and it needs no special care at all. I vote for the Le Marais, and the price is good too :yes:
  6. i like the diagonal bag but never got anything from that collection b/c the leather seemed so prone to scratches...too high maintenance for me. i never have to worry about babying my Marais flap or baby cabas much...so you know which way i'd vote!
  7. I'm a fan of the diagonal flap bag too, but didn't buy one--the only one in the store when I looked was white (eeek!). It's so heavenly soft, but there is the scratch factor for the lambskin. If the black diagonal is what you love, that's what you should get. Use it on occasions when it's not likely to get damaged. The other bag is really pretty too.
  8. $2495 is ALOT to spend on a bag that you'll have to baby and potentially not use much. I would go for the two bags. The Les Marais flap is TDF and you don't need to baby it.
  9. I have and love the Les Marais Flap in the black/gold. I'm usually not a fan of metallics, but I fell in love with this bag as soon as I tried it on. It hangs so well, and the distressed gold leather is so beautiful and unique. And the $1795 price tag is a good deal by Chanel standards.

  10. thanks soo much for the feedback girls! i tried on the le marais flap in the stores and its SOOOO pretty! i usually don't go for metallics either because im afraid i won't be able to use it everyday, but its SO pretty yet the distressed leather keeps it understatedish. all of u r so right...im spending way too much money on a bag that needs too much babying...what to do what to do...i'll post pics of what i decide!!! now what about another bag? le marais and what else!? =]
  11. i am in love with the marais flap too!
  12. I'd go for baby cabas, it's so practical, can hold alot of stuff (compared with the le marais flap) and low maintenance bag! I have one, and love it :heart: good luck with your final decision!
  13. do you girls know how much the baby cabas in bronze is? and where i can find it...i was looking at the pictures and i LOVE it...black or bronze...its super cute! :heart:
  14. I pay my baby cabas for USD1995 before tax. by you mean bronze, is it Khaki color? I saw Nordstrom Seattle has one on display last week. You can ask Tomoko for further info. Good luck
  15. marais flap is very nice.. so lightweight and u dont have to baby too much. same as baby cabas...