I can't decide! Find me find a bag!

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  1. Hi everyone!
    So I am graduating in May for Penn State :yahoo: I am looking for a staple bag for work and the real world. I don't know what I am looking for or what I should be looking for and the color, brand, style or price range. I am open to anything so go wild! I might try asking for this as my graduation gift! So help me out guys!
  2. Where will you be working? I think Coach does great work bags. Obviously the plain leather and not the monogram.
  3. ^ Agree with question above since it depends on your job description. Also, size does matter. Do you want a bag that holds files and a laptop or just your personal things?
  4. Sorry I forgot to mention all that! I'm not sure yet where I will be working or what industry, I'm still looking! I am a marketing major so I guess a bag big enough for all my stuff and possibly a folder/portfolio .
  5. The Coach Hampton Business totes are my fav work bags. They are real work horses and I manage to get everything including laptop in there.