I can't decide between these pairs of 7FAM!!

  1. [​IMG]The cherries have swarovski crystals on them.
    This is not a good picture of the second one, you can check out alternate views here. the wash is really not that bad in real life.
    eLUXURY - 7 for all Mankind - Bootcut w/Cryst &Wst

    Price is not really an issue, they are $4 apart
  2. i like the first one w/ the cherries..so cute!
  3. I prefer the bottom ones, I'd never see the cherries, they're so high or would be hidden under my belt.
    You probably already know this, but the bottom pair are children's jeans.
  4. Since it is winter, I am a fan of the top pair for their coloring. I love the cherry detail- but depending on where the jeans sit, no one may ever see the cherry detailing??
  5. Yes, I quite like the second ones, the design... im not a big fan of the cherries..
  6. Thanks for the tip swanky, but i already did know they were kids jeans. i hope to find them somewhere in real life to try them on to see if you can actually see the cherries. they are both so cute though!
  7. woah, i've never seen the cherries one, they're cute!! but out of the two, i would pick the second pair.

    they make the second pair in adult sizes, i know because i have a pair and i got it last month.
  8. Either is great but I'd choose the 1st pair!
  9. Are those womens or kids? Because the porportions of them look like kids. But if they're for an adult, I would go for the second pair. Not as flashy, more flattering, I think.
  10. my friend has a pair of the second pair. they are so so so cute. :yes: that's the one's i'd choose. i like the cherries, but like someone said, they'd be hidden by your belt/shirt.
  11. they're kids :yes: good eye!
  12. Second pair, love crystals on jeans
  13. i prefer the first pair...
  14. yeah, i'm almost 13, so i can still fit kid sizes
  15. both are cute...but i like the seond pair better.