I can't choose

  1. please help, i can't decide wich bag(s) i want an need. I have a monogram canvas pochette wich i adore and i wear it over mij shoulder. I really like smaal bags but i use bigger one's for school. I am affraid to use a louis for school.

    i could buy these 2
    multicolor pochette
    and the epi pochette

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    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    or i can buy the croissant pochette and the epi pochette
    or i can buy one bigger bag i am considering:
    Cabas piano
    Cabas mezzo
    Batignolles horizontal
    Popincourt haut

    Let me know what you think of these bags
  2. Batignolles horizontal, IMO is a great value, considering a MC pochette is like half the price of it! Cabas Mezzo would be my second choice.
  3. I have the mono pochette as well as the Epi. While they're great little bags, I find they're not big enough for me. The pochettes are nice for dinners and so on but not as an everyday bag.

    If you don't mind a bigger bag, the Mezzo gets my vote. Or if that's too big once u try it on, I'd go the Piano. But really, I don't think u need another pochette;) My Epi one only got used once and the mono one has been out of commision for a long time now, lol!
  4. Thanks girls, i would like a bigger lv but i am affraid of ruening it. I know i take good care of my little one because i don,t use it everyday. I really like the mezzo but i would become my school bag and it wil get dirty