i can't choose which color is betteR!

  1. i really want the first but i don't know which color to choose. the grenat (bourdeaux) or the rouge vif (red)?
  2. go for the ROUGE VIF! the colour is TDF! :drool:
  3. I have both colors and love both colors but I actually wear the Rouge VIF more than the grenat. So I'd pick Rouge VIF I suppose.
  4. The rouge vif is so pretty - I think in a few years, people are going to be paying a lot for them!
  5. I'm in love with the grenat (bordeaux) so I vote for that!
  6. i like dark rich colors and i pretty much love grenat and bordeaux, so definitely BORDEAUX!
  7. Rouge VIF!!
  8. they are both gorgeous colors. But I too prefer darker colors and vote for the grenat/bordeaux. It's a little more versatile. The rouge vif is stunning, and it POPS! Not a subtle color.
  9. what can you match with rouge vif? and what with grenat? which one is easier to match do you guys think?
  10. Between the two I like the bordeaux more but I admit I am not that partial to red.
  11. going to get The First...Help me out, guys! what do u think of a Dark Brown? already have one in black...
  12. ROUGE VIF I basically wear mine every day!
  13. since i saw both IRL.. i would choose Bordeaux.. so yummy for winter!! (thats my personal preferation) :yes:
  14. If I were to get a rouge vif, I would get it in a First. It packs a punch, so I don't think I could deal with such a bright color in a larger size. The bordeaux is a more ordinary color, easier to carry, but wouldn't make quite a statement. I surprise myself when I say: I'd get the Rouge Vif.
  15. I am usually not into bright colors, but RV is really a wonderful color. I thought that IRL it was even nicer than in the diffrent pics, my RV is a deep red without any orange and it looks great with jeans, camel, beige, black etc...
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