I can't choose!!!! (Speedy)

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  1. I'm trying to purchase a speedy for my 15th birthday. I have no idea which style or size I want. I really want the 35 in either azur or monogram but, my mother says its way toooooo big for me. Help!:nuts:
  2. Well, how tall are you and how much do you weight?
  3. I personally think that it is a personal preference. I am getting ready to purchase a speedy as well, but I am going with the 30 which is a perfect size!
  4. i'm 5'0 and 93lbs, so opted for the 25...which also looks better with a strap on my frame. :smile: i'd say that the 30 is a universal size though...but if you're prone to putting a lot of stuff in your bag, maybe the 35 then.
  5. I'm 5'0 and I love the 30. I don't carry a lot in my bag and I love the slouch of the 30. Get the size that works best for you---let us know what you decide!!
  6. 30. The 35 may be too big for you, but it's really up to you in the end.
  7. I would def go 30..universal!
  8. I think a 30 would be a good size and it's always a classic to get a speedy in monogram
  9. i personally love the 35 size. i really want a 40cm. i prefer the monogram over the azur.
  10. go for the 35:smile:
  11. I agree on both parts. I really like big bags, so for me, when in doubt, get the larger size. =]
  12. i think the 30 is the perfect size.
  13. Go with the 30!!
    I'm 5 ft and I found my 25 was too small since I carry too many things.. Wallet hand creme, water bottle , etc..
    Love the 30, best size
  14. mono 30
  15. Please do a search as there are tons of threads on this topic that you can read and post in. Good luck and welcome!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.