I Cant Choose a Career!!!

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  1. I am having such a tough time choosing a career. Its so tough. Right now I am a freshman in college and majoring in business. They say you should pick something you like and can do good at it. I have to choose between a lot of careers. One of them is business. I opened a online business since I was 13. Started with eBay, then opened a website.. Now I want to gain more business knowledge and open a store. But alot of people are telling me having your own business is soo stressful. IDK maybe? I am also very good at editing videos and since I was a child I have been making short movies. I would get all my cousins and friends to act. The movies turn out really good too. But now I don't have that much time to make anymore movies.. So maybe I could be a director. Maybe I can edit videos. I am also very very good with children. Yesterday my mom's friend came over with her son who might be classified as autistic. She never brought him over because she knew his behavior was hard to tolerate. So when I saw the kid I made him draw on paper and made him try to say some words.. He was soo happy when i gave him attention. I gave him a box of paper clips so that he can count... He actually started say ONE.. TWO... I felt so happy and determined.. His mom was soo shocked, and happy.. She told me he was never this happy when she would take him to other people's house.. When they left the kid was crying and telling his mom BYE BYE! he was telling her to leave LOL.. HE hugged on to me and didn't want to leave... So I was thinking what kind of job can i get that deals with kids?? Or should i stick to the other careers...
  2. You have a long time until you have to worry about an actual career. RIght nwo you are receiving an education so that you are prepared to go out into the workforce and earn a living based upon your field of expertise. Breathe in about 5 years you path in life will hopefully be so much more clear to you.
  3. Even if you "chose" a career as a freshman in college, the chances of following through in 4 years and working in that exact position are slim... take the time to enjoy your education, everyone telling you that you need to know is totally wrong. Just study something you are interested in, get good grades, and worry about a career MUCH later!
  4. I agree. I changed my major at least four times in college. A lot of people don't even end up working in the career they majored in. So just study what interests you and it will fall into place.
  5. Thank you all for your advice:flowers:... I guess I have to take it easy.. I shouldn't stress out a lot..
  6. You've got a very long time before you have to choose a career. When I first entered University (in 2003) I was dead set on being a pediatrician. I loved children, medicine always interested me, I always had fantastic grades in Biology and Chemistry...It was what I wanted to do. 3 semesters + 2 professors from Hell later - I decided I wanted to do something different. I was going to be a Biology teacher. So...I started toward my degree in that...After 2 semesters, and a couple of internships at schools, I decided I didn't like middle school kids. :s

    ...then I came here to Germany :smile: Now I'm 22, studying Business at a German Uni and don't plan on switching. There's so much you can do with a Business degree, it's amazing
  7. i graduate in may and i still dont know what i want to do. dont worry about it yet. you hav plenty of time.
  8. A business degree is great, it's easily applicable to many different jobs. I think it will serve you well in whatever you decide.
  9. Dont worry with time you will fall into what you really want to do. Im in my last term of my masters degree and i havent completely figured out what i want to do after ive finished so dont worry! Business is a very good field to go into (im getting my masters in international business) because there are so many pathways that you could take with it. Good luck :smile: