I can't capture the beauty of the Mirage!

  1. Now that I have ample natural light, I thought that I would be able to capture the Mirage effect. Unfortunately, my low-tech camera cannot do justice to this wonderful bag. [​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]
  3. What IS the mirage effect? Why is this called the mirage?
  4. The Mirage line I believe attempts to create an optical illusion through the use of the two tones and fading monograms.
  5. I love this bag. congrats.

    Omg.. If I had the money I'd be trading my damier for that beauty!
  7. congrats. club mirage is getting new members everyday.
  8. I think it looks so gorgeous....love the bordeaux.
  9. It's indeed gorgeous, I can't wait to go to the store and actually séé it in real life...
  10. OOOH - I always though that was just the lighting ;)
    I found this on eBay - shows the colour change really well!

  11. the Mirage was originally called Degrade.

    Degrade is term used in photography & painting. The collection this year was based on the painting "girl with the pearl earring" by Vermeer (which the movie of the same name starred Scarlett Jo (see the link))

    The term Degrade means Graduated shading hence the two tone effect you see on the bags and many of the clothes shown on the runway. Why the name was switched to Mirage I'm not sure maybe it's because of the haze effect you get around a mirage

    Sometimes you will see it callled mirage but they refer to the effect on the bag as degrade still and it is still called Degarde in Paris.

    Ok I'll take off my history lecturer hat now
  12. Love it. It is the 30, right? Does it come in 25?
  13. Thanks label addict! Very interesting. I'm sure the name was changed because degrade doesn't sound very nice LOL.

  14. yes it's a 30 available in that size only
  15. this bag is gorgeous!!! congrats!!!