I can't believed what I just did

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  1. Oh my! I spent yesterday and today thinking about the 2BUY2 sale @ Neiman's. After so many calls to differenct places, I decided to order from White Plains NY. The SA Patricia was so helpful. I was so ready to order when she ask me if I want this on my Neiman's card. I told her that all I have is VISA and Mastercard. She said " Go online and you can apply for one. " I was so ready to apply but then in the back of my head, I don't need another credit card. My husband won't be happy at all. After reading another post about Las Vegas Neiman's who only accepts VISA. I called and spoke with Jessica. She is very nice and knows her stuff. So, I ordered me a Turquoise City, Buoton D' City, Magenta money wallet and Truffle money wallet ( might give this to my Mom - not sure yet :smile: . I still cannot believed it :yahoo: But, I save me $800 :wlae: I also won a 2006 Grenat First in eBay 2 weeks ago but the size was small for me. It was the prettiest leather I have ever seen but I am selling her as of today. I just hope I won't regret it someday :girlsigh: Anyway, just want to share with all of you my very expensive purchases. Oh my :sweatdrop:
  2. Congrats, dimp!!! You totally went on a Bbag Binge!! All those yummy purchases!! I can wait to see your Bouton and Turq!:nuts: You guys are so lucky!! If I lived in the US, I'd prolly be broke as heck now!!
  3. congrats! i can't wait to see pics! i wish i lived near a NM..
  4. Congrats on the great buys!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  5. Congrats.:yahoo: Looking forward to your pics.:jammin:
  6. Congrats to you dimpsogre, for getting them to give you that $400 discount on two wallets. I was in my NM today and they said it only counted on handbags, not accessories such as wallets so they wouldn't give it to me.
    I had already bought my 2 handbags a week ago and just wanted to get 2 wallets. Oh well....maybe I will call them tomorrow and see if another SA will give me the discount. Good for you!!! Post pics when you get them!
  7. Thanks, everyone! I can't wait for these beauties to come :woohoo:

    I am so sorry to hear about this :sad: Maybe you can call them tomorrow. Goodluck.
  8. Congrats on your 2 bags 2 wallets. You will enjoy them.
  9. congrats dimps! i am so tempted to call neiman and order them. wonder how much will international shipping cost!
  10. CONGRATS!!! Great buys, great savings!!! I cannot wait to see your new purchases.
  11. :confused1: I was told that anything over $400 counted toward the sale. The SA I spoke with yesterday was even willing give me the discount toward an MU (purchased with a bag, of course) that was marked $385 because I couldn't really think of anything else that I wanted right now!
  12. Tell me about it!
  13. Hi Jzlyn, ME TOO!
    I'm terribly jealous reading about all the great NM buys! Sigh!

    Hi dimpsogre, great buys! Please post pics of the cities when you receive them. :yes:
  14. Congrats on your buys:yahoo: It is funny how we always justify our buys with the thought "oh, I am saving money" when in fact we are spending money:P. Your bags and wallets sound yummy, please post pics when you get them:yes:

  15. totally agree...
    LOL! My favourite shopping quote is "the more I buy, the more I save!". :tup:
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