I can't believe...

  1. That when I joined tpf in February, there were 2,500 or so members. Now there are nearly 19,000! WOW! Megs and Vlad - you guys must be so proud! Keep up the great work!! :yes:
  2. I noticed that membership has almost literally doubled since I joined in JULY!!:wtf:

    So, how many servers does it take to run a 100,000 member forum, Vlad? I have a sneaky hunch you may need to do some shopping soon. :graucho:
  3. 19 000??? Wasn't it like 10 000 just the other day??? Wow!
  4. Funny you guys bring that up... just 15 minutes ago I've had to turn down some load-intensive features to handle the huge amounts of traffic on here. Nearly 75,000 ladies and gents visiting today.

    tPF has been growing insanely, in both traffic and member numbers. Currently, there's about 200 new members every day.

    PP - I currently have two dedicated machines running the forum and blog, but it seems like I'll have to talk to our techs for some load balancing soon. This is just insane. Help!
  5. For good reasons!! :supacool:
  6. When you give away free LV bags, you are going to get lots of new members just for that reason alone. I wonder how many of our newest members will still participate once the contest is over?
  7. very true.. and i can't say that i don't add some [albeit tiny percentages of] traffic to the forum too cuz i have it linked on my xanga. hehe. :supacool: