I cant believe this !!!!!!

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  1. Ok so you know i have started a new job , i have been there for over a week now - i love it, and am doing an amazing job , But it is really only a stop gap for me to learn new skills, and develop myself-- its my first ever job.

    Well for my interview, i had mentioned that while I was at uni I got into LV and that I got involved with buying/selling/trading on-line and that i have accumulated my collection from basically skill. LOL

    Anyways I was showing one of the ladys at work pic of my chihuahuha baby Stitch and she saw pics of ALL my bags in my photobucket .. and called other members of the work place over. Of course they all thought I was lying and all my bags were FAKE. to make matters worse a guy in the sales team came down to talk to me, and said that he and his gf used to sell LV copies/FAKES on ebay.... WHAT :evil: I kinda did not know what to say ... apparently he even had brought some into work trying to sell them to the women in the office.. Where the hell am I working LOL -- this is crazy. He was asking me to bring my bags in to work , and he would bring his fakes in so he could compare ... '' GO TO HELL'':wacko:

    So now I wished I had never metioned them in my interview .. I see them as an accomplishment; an investment ... and I very good example of my skills at selling and buying --- to kinda 'impress' my employers. At first they were all very impressed .. but did not really know what LV was and I guess how many I had, and how expensive they are.....

    I hope it has not backfired on me -- I will find out Monday ... I think some of the women now think of me differently :sad2:I hope they dont ''bully'' me !! i am not saure what to do .... either that or they will call me a liar !!!
  2. people are so f'ing tacky.

    carry whatever bag you want and politely tell them that's it's a personal hobby of yours and not something up for public discussion or judgement. fakes are illegal and not something you're interested in. they hardly know you, they should not concern themselves with where you spend your money or what you choose to do with it. they're the ones that are wrong, not you. they'll all forget about it if you make it a nonissue.

    i think there's the crazy fake-seller in every office. my mom's office definately has one and it's a federal government office.

    and as long as the guy that used to sell fakes is not your boss, i'd love for you to ask him why he thinks it's ok to fraudulently take people's money for illegal goods. that might not be the best way to make a first impression, though.
  3. amanda is totally right.
    the first thing you have to think about is yourself and your job, and doing the best work you can.
    let thosepeople say nonsense.
  4. I've learned that it's often best not to discuss finances, shopping with people at work, especially when you're first starting. It's often a subject that rubs people the wrong way and, unfortunately, can change their opinion of you and your abilities. Just ignore the people for the time being, don't "flaunt" anything in their face.
  5. I agree with all of you guys. Kimmy, keep doing a great job, and don't listen to those people. I bet they are just jealous. Just keep doing your thing, and ignore them

  6. I did say to him that it was illegal etc - he did not care -- he said he sold white mc papillon for £150 UK pounds eg about $300 + dollars

    I went out for my luch after the discussion . not really wanting to talk about it .. I could not believe that I had two emails from GUYS in the office wanting me to send them a link to my about me page on ebay so they could see my pics of my bags ... I ignored the requests hopefully it will die down .. They said that they wanted to see pics as they think i am lying and that they are fake .. i dont want to be known as a liar but also I dont want to be seen as a ''rich *****'' which I am not at all .I just invested my money wisely .. they are also seem as an investment if I need money qiuick or if I want to buy a car etc ...

    I really dont want to talk about it with them again I feel uncomfortable .. I am now also worried I may get my house broken into .. does that sound crazy :sad2:
  7. Kimmy, personally I would rather be known as a rich bit*h than a person who has supposed "fakes" if it has gone down to just those two options.IMHO:smile:
  8. I feel sorry for you and agree to wicked. I made the experince as well that when you are to open it backfires. ii only tell the things that anyboddy can know like age, married with a son and that's about it. I am more of a listener at work when it comes to private things and over the years I developed my small talk skills. See it like this: it was an experience to learn from it. I don't mean that in a lectoring or nasty way) I know exactly how you feel!! You didn't do anything wrong other than being a nice openminded person!
  9. I would not give a damn about those people! Where you work at should just be about your job, thats it. And if you feel that these people are threatening you and your belongings, I say take many many precautions beforehand!
  10. just don't bring it up again until you've made friends in the office. change the subject. politely decline to talk about it. whatever you have to do - own the conversation! i only talk about my bags at work to a select few and i didn't talk about them until very recently (i've been there about 6 months). i always bring the same one. not everyone gets it or is accepting of it, so you might need to be discrete for a while.

    lol i feel like i'm talking about your latent homosexuality or something, not you love for LV.

    but in all seriousnes, keep it as private as you can. it'll blow over.
  11. personally, i never discuss my handbag obession with any of my co workers. except for the two i really trust and befriended. and all other people i work with, i hope they never notice my bags. LOL.
  12. The thing is ... when I applied for the position they said that they only wanted someone for 12 - 18 month s-- I said that was great as that was what I needed. But now they say that they are worried that I will leave them in the lurch and get a graduate job and that they did not want to spend a lot of time and money training me if I was to leave in the next few months -- which I have not planned to do --

    So today I get this email saying that two women who they had arranged interviews with when they arranged mine where coming in to apply for my job.. But not to worry it was something the boss wanted to do as back-up as they thought I would leave, and these other women don’t have the same qualifications as me and would want to stay long-term. They did not even come and explain it to my face -- they must have been embarrassed

    I was kind of upset that I got this info though email and felt awkward when I had to meet the women who where applying for my position ... now with all this and the bag situation i have a felling I wont have my job by the end of the month.
  13. Also I have not been using any of my bags as I am new and dont have the trust with peple yet ... I have to move around the office alot and we dont have a locker .. I justleave my bag in a cupboard next to my desk :sad:
  14. I agree. My co-workers know I like bags, but they don't know what designers they are or how much I spend. To me, it's a private subject.

    Sorry this is happening, kimmy :sad: Just let them blabber on and believe what they want. It's not worth it to let it get in the way of doing your job.
  15. Oh Kimmy, what a mess! People are so f-ing RUDE sometimes!! :mad:

    I'm sorry you're having a rough time!