I can't believe this!!!

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  1. So I've been MIA for awhile, my family came down for spring break, having 4 teenagers and 1 preteen in my house pretty much drove me CRAZY!! :shocked:
    too many attitudes to deal with lol..... but

    I took my sister and younger cousin down to the outlet at Sawgrass. They didn't have that great of a selection, must be ready to get a new shipment or something. But my sister got a green scribble wristlet and the khaki/geranium swingpack w/the patent flower. I bought my cousin a small scribble bag.....

    and only bought myself...........

    a Turtle Keyfob.... what is wrong with me??? Nothing Coach has been drawing my attention lately.... strange!!
  2. Think of it as a little vacation for your wallet until you see something you must have! ;)
  3. I wish I could say the same thing... I'm loving the ergos right now.... but maybe thats a good thing that nothing is catching your eye right now?
  4. I'm always happy when they release new items and I dont like anything! Makes me love my older bags even more!
  5. Dont worry! Coach is always coming out with beautiful things and before you know it, you'll be lusting over someting new! That turtle is soooo cute!! congrats on that one!

  6. Totally agree with you!! I've bought more in the past several months than in a long time. I almost wish Coach would make only signature stuff, and that would totally keep my wallet happy!!
  7. Candace..I used to live by Sawgrass mills too..in Plantation!! That just means you can keep saving till something new comes out you love.
  8. I bet your wallet is thanking you right now!LOL!!
  9. And my Fiance!!!!
  10. Haha, you were missing!! I noticed!

    I dont know whats wrong with ya! Feeling ok? hehe.
  11. I noticed you were missing as well. Like Donnalynn said, it makes us love our bags at home more during those times we can't find nothing else to buy.
  12. I've gone through a phase like that already-don't worry, your obsession will come back with a vengeance.
  13. I wish I could say the same but im seeing too much that i want with not enough money to buy it all. But I talked to a local SA and she told me that they were going to be coming out with some even more cuter Coach bags for the S/S. So maybe you will see something soon with the new stuff.
  14. I've been around, my family came down for spring break and that kept me busy, and I've been having some health issues that have me a little freaked out, so I'm focusing on those alot.

    But other than that I'm just keeping my bank account out of the negative!!! lol
  15. well i hope all is well woman! don't disappear on all of us again like that! :sweatdrop: