I can't believe this!!

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  1. I was googling Damier Hampstead and this is what I ended up... :hysteric:

    please don't post links to fakes websites.

    EVERYTHING IS FAKE!!! WTH?? I can't believe ppl are getting away with this!!

    Azur Berkeley for $171.00:crybaby::throwup:

    I wanna throw up!! How do we report them?

    Its just make me sick.. I hope ppl that buy them don't think that they are real and that they are getting a good deal or something..
  2. That's the way it is for years now...
    as long as people buy them they will not stop..
    wear your bags with pride and get over it...the difference is not only in the price!!!
  3. and did you see the prices they were charging for fake Hermes..$$$$
  4. :wtf::tdown:
  5. omg, that is awful. that site is outrageous.
  6. stupid/uneducated ppl are willing to be cheated...:tdown::nogood:
  7. we have a thread stickied above for posting fakes in:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.