I can't believe this...

  1. There's no political intentions in this post. My personal thoughts were "How can someone share this story with the press!? Did he think it was funny or what??"


    Poor dog, I'd much rather he died than living in that household.
  2. I am afraid to click on the link...could you give me a synopsis of the story? :sad:
  3. ^ The guy strapped the dog to the roof of the car. It's safe to read. Sometimes I think people should be made to take a test determining compassion, common sense and whether or not they are insane before being able to own animals.
  4. That is so crazy. Nobody in their right mind would strap a dog to the roof of their car!?!?
  5. I also was afraid to read the link, but from the above post it seems the owner is a complete and utter fool. I agree you should have to pass a test in order to be able to have pets, they are not just animals IMO, they are family members.
  6. Sorry there's no blood or death in that link. I just can't believe this family would release this story to the press as if it's something normal, or funny, or like a warm little family gathering story, something to awwww about... which is the chilling part for me...
  7. Moron. Makes you wonder what he does with his children, if he has any. (I confess I did not read it, I know it would bother me too much)
  8. WTF? :mad: People like that shouldn't be allowed to own pets or any living creature for that matter!
  9. im so afraid to read the post too, but from wht you said Danica, this guy does sound insane, and ITA with you!!