I can't believe this...

  1. After a year of not selling on eBay, I decide to put up one of my older Vuittons for sale. My only bidder so far has feedback of 1. The history is mostly negatives for non payment! It just figures.
  2. Block them from bidding any further
  3. Thank you, I blocked her, but she still appears as the bidder. Her bid is under my reserve, so I figure she is blocked from bidding any higher.

    Either way, the worst I'll be out is $8.00 listing fees, so that's not so bad.
  4. Not only do you need to block her, but you need to remove her bid from your auction. Blocking her will only stop her from bidding on future auctions.
  5. Yes, you can cancel her bid right now, and you should.
  6. ^^ ITA - do it NOW!
  7. Yep - cancel her bid!!
  8. There's no need to cancel her bid as the reserve hasn't been met so she won't win it
  9. ^no one knows what her high offer/bid is though. Her maximum could be well over the reserve, no way to tell until she get's outbid or bidded up.
    Cancel her bid:yes:
  10. ^^ Sorry that's incorrect, if the reserve had been met by her bid it would say next to the auction amount "reserve met"

  11. Yes you're right Mooks :yes:
  12. I thought it would have to be bid up by someone else.
    For exapmle, if I bid on a dress w/ a reserve, and the starting price is $29.99, if I put in a $39.99 bid, it won't show up as that, it'll only increase by the increment until soemone else bids.
  13. no if it's a reserve auciton it will automatically go to the reserve price and then stay there.

    for example: i have a top with a 9.99 opening bid 50 dollar reserve. someone puts in a high bid of 60. it will automatically go to 50 since that's the lowest it will actually sell for.
  14. Yep, exactly!
  15. ahhh, good to know!
    I've been selling for 6 yeras and don't analyze my auctions closely enough I guess! LOL!