I can't believe this

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  1. Holy moly!! That fan better be made of platinum!!
  2. haha I think they're using it as a place holder... they're from LJ also I think (the wallet they're also selling was on shoptokidoki recently)
  3. Place holder...?
  4. today is a special 20 cent listing day... so some sellers will put a bunch of stuff up before the day ends... so they can ensure a cheap listing later on. you can change the entire listing (name, price, description, etc) as long as no one bids and you do it before the last 24 hours of the auction :smile:
  5. I wonder what they are going to end up putting there. hehe.
  6. Ack! I forgot about the 20 cent listing!! I just scrambled some stuff up there. *phew*
  7. oh yeah huh darn..let me go tell my friend to post some stuff up??
  8. Yeah, that makes sense if it's one of those special days lol...they're going to change the price later, right? HAHA.

    I got my fan like that for free..in fact I had 2 for free LMFAO. In the end I ended up with none though :shrugs: how nice I am giving up my uchiwas to my bf's sis & my mom...lol. I figure I got a paradiso & now have an inferno...so why do I need the fan? LOL.
  9. Just don't try to fan yourself with your bella... you may end up knocking yourself out. :P
  10. LOL, perhaps I can use one that has nothing inside? :idea:
  11. lol you guys are silly... so guess what... I posted up stuff and I got a message from sparkle :lol: it was exciting! I feel kind of lame now tho that I got :nuts: over that... if she bids and wins anything after our transaction I might ask her what she does w/ all her tokidoki/lamb stuff
  12. a message from sparkle?
  13. haha no way?? yeah you should ask her lol im curious too!! :lol:
  14. I think sparkle is this girl that wins A LOT of the toki auctions .. like .. A LOT .. hehe :biggrin: