I cant believe this just happened

  1. I need to vent, i have been crying for ages and i am so angry. I bought an item of clothing last week and came home and didnt like it and they had a 7 day exchange policy. I went back today, i rushed there in my coffee break. Anyway, after being told they wont refund and will only exchange, i looked around the tried a few things on. After i did that, then she tells me they wont exchange it because it looks "worn". Wait a minute - the tag is still attached and i have a receipt. No sorry, it looks worn. Out comes the owner from the back. I am sorry, it looks worn. After 20 minutes of going back and forth, they then tell me there are 2 buttons missing from the front. WTF!?? What two buttons???? There were NOT 2 buttons there when i bought it!!!!! I say - let me see another one to compare. The owner says sorry we sold out of the one i bought the week before. He then pulls out another dress, similar to the one i bought but in a different colour and it has 2 buttons on the front. My reply is " but its an entirely different dress!" By this time im so angry i storm out. I then go back after work with a friend and he tried to reason with them in a calm manner. Some other lady who works there who wouldnt serve us earlier butts in and tries to interfere. I tell her she didnt want to serve us before so why is she inteferring now?? She then hurls some abuse back at me. I then tell them i will never be buying from them again. Owner laughs in my face. I say its not my problem your clothes are in such bad shape they stretch after someone tries them on - again he laughs. The random lady then starts abusing me and my friend, screaming at the top of her lungs in front of everyone, we then decide to walk out.

    I dont care about the money, its the principle. The tag was still on and i was within the 7 days exchange. I cannot tell you guys how highly strung i am right now.
  2. WOAH!OMG...Dont shop there again ever..and tell all your friends not to either.That sucks.
  3. thats terrible!

    dont ever go in there again! sell the item on eBay so at least u get some money back, and then spread the word amongst all your friends so that they lose custom!

    No wonder you're so angry, I would be too!
  4. Did you pay with a credit card?

    If so, call your credit card company & explain the situation to them. They will probably do a charge back. Then the merchant will be out his item and the money. I usually don't suggest this but in this case they certainly deserve it.
  5. Wow this is shocking! Do you have a consumer advice centre near you, if so I would report & see if they can help you, I would not accept that garment from those rude people.
  6. Yes i did pay by CC but i signed for it, does that matter? and yes i will be calling our consumer company. I just dont think there is anything they can do. It just upset me when the owner laughed in my face and then the other lady abused me, i was in shock and burst out cyring. Not how i wanted to react!! ARGHHHH, it does my head in!!!
  8. You can always do a chargeback - especially since you abided by their rules and tried to resolve it with the store first. That's all most credit card companies will ask for.

    I recently disputed and won a charge where the merchant said one thing and did another so it is something to consider.

    If they don't respond to the investigation withing a certain amount of time (I think 30 days) they'll be out the money regardless.

    Another option may be your local BBB office. In the past I have filed complaints but the merchant just said they took care of them and the complaint was listed as resolved even though it wasn't.
  9. Do a charge back and report them to the BBB.
  10. horrible service!!
  11. Wow! Thats awful! Don't shop there anymore. And yes, I would do a charge back to them.
  12. that's AWFULLLLLLLL never shop there again ever!
  13. That is just terrible!!! I would definitely do as the others have said, chargeback and then report them. What awful customer service.
  14. I can't believe that happened! I'm sorry!

    Please keep us informed on how everything turns out.
  15. That's awful. I'd be really mad too!

    Good luck with the chargeback!