I can't believe this is happening! What am I going to do??

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  1. Purse Forum is blocked at my new job. :sad:

    It's a sign the end is near.
  2. well that settles it. you're gonna have to quit your job.
  3. aaah that sucks! quit! lol
  4. Tragedy! Hack the system immediately!
  5. Use the mobile version on your cell. I don't get on from work on my desk computer unless I'm on lunch.
  6. Charles, c'mon, i thought you were way more resourseful than to give up that easy.

    Take your laptop and go sit on the toliet like most men when they need some quiet time. :supacool:
  7. That should be a question during the interview process.
    Ummm.. excuse me,can I view TPF from here? J/K:P
  8. Well, I have a few options I'm looking into. I can use a proxy website. If those are blocked, I can try to use my home PC as a proxy. If that doesn't work, I'll try to tether my cell phone and use my 3G service for connectivity.

    I shall find a way!!!
  9. WOW! that serious huh? :lol::lol:
  10. What sort of a stupid job denies such a basic human right? I'm disgusted.
  11. that made me laugh. :lol: hard.
  12. ^^ me too. Good luck Charles. Fight for your rights!
  13. Awwwww poor Charles....next thing you know they'll be making you use a Mac!!!
  14. GASP! Quick! Take it back! Take it back!
  15. Sue! That's discrimination against people who use purses dammit!