I can't believe this is happening to me.... bear with me...

  1. Oh my gosh, I need help. :crybaby:

    My DH had a meeting with his accountant today. Mr. Acc't was admiring the Zippy Organizer that I bought for my husband last year, and said "oh man, I hope you didn't pay full retail for this?" When my husband responded that his wife bought it (ME) the accountant began to tell him how he can get this perfect FAKE LV, so real looking "you'd never tell it's not the real stuff" blah blah blah.

    MY HEART just about stopped when my husband told me this story!!! :wtf:

    He's been promising me my FIRST EVER LV shopping trip when we're in Cali next month (I have my little wish list and everything) ... and now he wants to CHECK OUT THIS FAKE CRAP FIRST!!!

    I told him:
    "NO!!! If I can't have the real-deal, I'd rather walk around with all my stuff in a plastic shopping bag! I don't care how REAL it looks, I'LL KNOW IT'S FAKE!"

    I need help!!!! :rant: But please don't flame me cuz all I need is help...

    I know the FAKE-thing has been discussed ad noseum on this forum, but it's never happened to ME! Obviously I'm not going to even LOOK at the stuff - but how can I fix this??? What can I tell my DH to change his mind? I know fakes are WRONG, but I haven't really researched so much "WHY"... Help me prepare!
  2. awwwww Cowgirl i'm so sorry that this is happening to you. tell him that it's what you feel when carrying the bag that matters. if you know it's fake, you won't want to carry it and that he might as well save it.
  3. Fakes are wrong morally and ethically, as well as being illegal, because they are theft. They are stealing the designs and images of another. It's really pretty simple. When someone buys a fake, he or she is supporting illegal activity. Maybe if you explain it to your husband that way, he would see it differently.
  4. Tell him it is a Federal Offense to sell and or purchase counterfeit bags(it truly is)..that sould change his mind in a hurry...:yes:
  5. Oh, NO! I'm sorry this has been happening to you since I know you've been wanting an LV in a while...like what others have said, tell him about the criminal consequences...and stick to your guns! You deserve a nice LV!
  6. Yes, tell him that the fakity fakers support terrorist organizations and cheap labor and degrading people. Say, "especially (insert his nationality here) people!" When he says really? Say, "yes, I read it"! ha ha. That'll get him.
  7. So sorry to hear about this. Just stick to your decision and say no thank you. It might hurt his feelings, which he will recover, and by saying no, it will allow you to keep your integrity.
  8. Not only are fakes unethical on so MANY levels, with even the VERY VERY best fakes you can tell. Even if it's just something slightly off. Plus, one person's "REALLLY REAL" fake is not anothers. It's funny when people who know nothing about LV think it's so real looking when a knowledgeable LV lover could spot it a mile away!!

  9. LMAO (insert his nationally here)!! That's awesome!
  10. Tell him...it's crime for using and supporting FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
  11. I am AGAINST FAKES!!! AAHHHH!!! Hate them! :cursing: :cursing: :mad: :rant:
  12. Lol, perfect! :lol:
  13. If him and his accountant could see some of the monstrosities on the "Funniest/Worst Fakes Ever" thread, they would very quickly realize that fakes generally don't look anything like the real deal. :yucky:
  14. That's awful, I really hope you can convince him to get a real LV.
    Maybe tell him the fakes are cheap and nasty and a total waste of his money as they will fall apart. As well as all the legal reasons that the other ladies have mentioned.
  15. yeah! i second that!