I can't believe this happened!

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  1. #1 Jul 3, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2016
    I had gone to the store today to buy a Speedy. The SA showed me one saying that it is in brand new condition, so I believed her, and bought it. Although the bag already had a lock on the bag, the interior looked nice. However, when I got home, I noticed that there were some stains and piece of hair inside the bag!!! And it was a bag from 2015. So I headed back to the store and when the SA saw me, she quickly turned away LOL. Anyways, I was like "sorry I think it might be the wrong one..." and after showing her a stain, she was like "Ohhhh". Do SAs even check the condition of the bags before selling? Or do they sell used bags to "new"/young LV customers? I look young for my age (mid 20s) unfortunately.
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  2. I would request an exchange or a refund. If the SA says it's "brand new" and it's not... that's a huge problem.
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  3. Totally agree! I ended up exchanging for a 2016 bag....still bit suspicious about it, but I guess it's better than the 2015 one :yucky:
  4. It could be brand new and made in 2015. Many bags are made months before being sold. Just saying!
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  5. Stories like this now make me look over my new purchases with a fine-tooth comb. They are supposed to check for signs of usage prior to accepting an item for return but clearly in this instance, it fell through the cracks. Sorry that you had to make the trip back there to exchange. I hope you do a reveal of your new beauty! :smile:
  6. Thanks, that's good to know. I feel better about my 2016 one.

    Agree! Thanks for your reply. We should never believe what they say. The 2015 one looked nice under the store lights, but when I opened it at home, the white stains/patches are visible. The SA didn't even question me when I pointed a stain out. The exchange was done less than 5 minutes LOL. I will post the new purchase in few minutes.

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  7. My bag which was ordered online came with pen marks, black lint and what looked like eye liner marks inside on the lining. It was replaced with a bag in beautiful condition and the LV rep I spoke with was very accommodating. Since the first one looked like a damaged return it appears there is a lack of quality control. Again, my bag was immediately replaced but I do think damaged bags should not be sold as new.
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  8. Ugh, that is absolutely disgusting! Glad to hear you got a beautiful one in exchange :smile:
  9. That is terrible! :sad:
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  10. Wow! That is something. It's so important to check every single inch of what you're about to purchase.
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  11. LV has a great exchange programme but maybe too good as people are clearly exchanging used bags.
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  12. Funny joke....except they give me the 3rd degree when i return something I never used. So frustrating.

    How can I use something when my laptop physically cannot fit inside the bag?
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  13. Yep most people have legitimate reasons for returning things but sadly there are always people that abuse the system.
  14. You are so right. I was placed in an awkward position because someone decided I don't want this even though I have used and damaged it. It is so wrong to do that type of thing but it happens with all brands. We just have to check everything for quality and damage.
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  15. You have to inspect everything and I like SA's that say yes, take ur time etc... Not the ones who look at you like ur crazy as if to say it's a cheaper bag- not like a $5k bag. I would like to think LV would remove returned bags off the floor for inspection esp with lots of fakes floating around. They used to thoroughly inspect the item before accepting it for return/exchange. Clearly this item is not in unused saleable condition- Mgt should be made aware of this.
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