I can't believe this! Dentelle Kirsten!

  1. most likely :s half the time SAs don't know what they're saying so maybe check with another SA
  2. Oh yeah... I take everything the sales staff says with a giant grain of salt.

    Call the Australian LV hotline and ask for more/better information.
  3. I've checked a million times with different SA as I talk to most of them!
  4. Hmmm... then email the seller and ask him/her where/how he/she got the bag.

    Better yet, ask for a pic/scan of the receipt... so you can check the name of the store the bags was bought from.
  5. My name is on the waitlist in Brisbane but I have been told that they have not received them as yet.
  6. This is true and as of Saturday they have stated they are NOT receiving any .. neither is the GC store...the Kirsten has ONLY been released in Sydney or Melbourne Stores;)
  7. Aww, I'm so sorry Edz :sad:

    Could this bag be an interstate transfer for a VVIP or maybe they had friends in Syd/Melb who bought it on behalf of them?
  8. Just rang customer service... got the mailbox... oh well, not my luck. No point getting the name /location of store from the seller. I'm not getting it from eBay and what's the point of confronting the LV store/SA.

    OK... now, I better focus on useful things...."What's the next bag I should waitlist for?" :smile:
  9. There was also a Kirsten for sale in Melbourne a while back and I knew it was not possible as I was the only one with a Kirsten in Melbourne then.
  10. ^^that is true and there are some more items for sale on there from Brisbane too ....on ANOTHER note CC I LOVE your site:heart:
  11. Just wanting to make sure no one bids on the bag esp when Perth didn't get any. :yes:
  12. Thanks for the information. How disappointing as I wanted to get the Dentelle Kirsten.:sad:
  13. couturecreature,

    love your site too!

  14. Eeeks! Yea. Hope no one bids. But who knows... It might be "imported" from the eastern states or abroad. God knows. But that's pretty quick to be in Perth. Overnight flight, maybe?