I can't believe this can happen with Fedex

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  1. I bought a lovely Hermes Dog leather charm from luxury-shops and they sent the item via FedEx. 3 days later I got a cryptic message from FedEx saying that "delivery cannot be completed". I called FedEx and they told me that the package has been damaged and the contents are MISSING ! And this happened while the package is under their care. I shuddered to think what would have happened if I bought a birkin ???
  2. I'm sorry to hear this!!
  3. So sorry to hear this. What are the next steps with Fedex?
  4. Oh no that's awful! I hope they plan on compensating you for the lost item!
  5. As long as you get a new one then I guess it is not too bad. Shipping is always my second option especially when package contains fashion luxury items.
  6. Luxury-shops didn't have the same one anymore. it was irritating that FedEx refuse to do anything except advising me to contact the shipper and then blaming the shipper for not packing the package securely.
    Come on, luxury-shops is an established online store dealing with shipping merchandise each day, they are not incapable.
  7. ^In other words, Fedex is the main culprit here? I would go all the way to solve this issue with Fedex. I'm so angry by reading this.

    Meantime, do check with luxury-shops, maybe they could help you and inform Fedex that package is secured properly.
  8. I discussed with luxury-shops. They are investigating and will let me know. At least they sounded upset that this happened.
  9. I've bought from that business many times and haven't ever had a Fed-Ex problem.

    After reading different threads on this forum about Fed-Ex - their various branches seem to have some very inept employees.

    It would appear that we need to be rather careful and cautious when businesses we buy from are using this carrier.
  10. Oh dear, its rather disconcerting to hear about the "inept" employees in certain branches. I have done rather big purchases from bluenile before and they also rely on Fedex, thank goodness all of those have landed in my arms safely.
    This is leading me to think that an "orange H box" is more covetable than bling bling in a lacquer wood box from bluenile ? Or simply H is better known ?
  11. Fed-Ex's problems lay in the staff specific to certain branches, i apologise for implying that all Fed-Ex staff are poor :flowers:

    If i hadn't read about another forum members bad experience i'd never have known a problem existed within the company.

    It's like anything though - good and bad in all areas.
  12. How about DHL ? Dealt with them a couple of times when buying from NAP. So far ok. They pack their items on black company boxes so it's not immediately discernible what's inside.
  13. ..... but H's product name isn't on the outside of the Fed Ex parcels (thick silver foil-type material and then the H goods are within that) - so it can't be that their name invites theft.
    It's certainly a bit of a mystery how these parcels come to be mishandled.
  14. Maybe the thick silver foil packing material is perculiar to H packaging so it invites un necessary interest once u know what to look for. Whereas NAP is multi label so it can be anything inside.