I can't believe there's still no bids on this.

  1. i might ^_^
  2. It's because it looks fake and the seller has private feedback :sad:
  3. Does it? It looks okay to me. It's super clean, thats the thing that really shocked me.
  4. It looks off to me. The leather looks fishy/pinkish. It's possible it's the flash, so I'd ask to see more pictures before taking the plundge.
  5. Private feedback=RED FLAGS
  6. Hmm. I think I will bid if it's still low when it's ending. Private feedback or not, it's still at 100%.
  7. Yes, it's 100% - but why is it private? Probably because the buyer of this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=63852&item=6891964276
    left feedback along the lines of "The bag was fake, but seller refunded my money immediately" - so the seller still received positive feedback points, but the comment in the feedback is incriminating - hence the private feedback.
  8. Yeah, that's a given that you are asking for trouble if you buy from someone with private feedback.
  9. Hmm. Howd you find that? Just curious.

    And yeah I just took a look again, I found something that's a bit off.
  10. yes he has a private feedback I would not trust a seller that hide his feedback, what does he want to hide? even 100% positive feedback doesn't mean anything as long it's hidden
  11. ^^^ I looked up the sellers sold items - found that fake coussin, and looked for the buyer, which I couldn't find because the auctions and feedback are private. I've often wondered how the sellers of uber-fakes have 100% feedback for so long, and some aren't private. So I looked at a sellers feedback (I've seen this with a few sellers actually) and I noticed alot of positives said things like "small problem but seller resolved issue quickly" - then I'd look at the auction the buyer had left feedback for and it was an uber fake. Other feedback would say "Great seller - issued refund IMMEDIATELY!" - yet another positive where they buyer is showing their gratitude and leaving a positive feedback for the REFUND, not for the initial transaction. It really is a travesty how feedback works :/
  12. I don't trust private feedback sellers either.. at 100% they should be PROUD right ? why keep something good private ? IMO they are hiding something !
  13. Livingluxuriously, GOOD CATCH you made!! I thought it look pretty good to me and was seriously thinking bidding on it. I love big bags lately! If seller sold fake previous then Im sure this bag is fake to.
  14. :P Be careful! eBay is daaaangerous ;)
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