I can't believe the hassle everybody has with ebay !

  1. I am really disappointed at the level of problems everybody has with eBay ! There are some good sellers and buyers out there , surely somebdy has a good story to tell , pleeeeaaaassssseeee . . . . . .:sad:
  2. personally, i've never had any problems with eBay in 385 transactions, so its not all bad
  3. i am really pleased to hear it , i have had the sometimes major blips and a few scammers but overall its o.k , there are some horrendous stories here .
  4. Hey , you are from Devon , its not raining at the mo here !
  5. There are, unfortunately you just have to weed through the masses of RUDE ones out there. I had one this morning that I'm still fuming over.
  6. As with everything in life, it seems, we tend to notice the bad and ignore the good. I've had 30. . .something, good transactions and yet I seem to talk about the 2 that have gone bad! Human nature , I guess.
  7. I have had a handful of bad ones, but close to 1,000 good ones. You just have to be careful these days. But I have had so many great experiences, both buying and selling, since eBay started so I really have no complaints. I've made tons of money on stuff that in the past I would have just given away. (Not that there's anything wrong with giving things away -- I still give plenty to charity.) It's definitely a necessary evil, but good to have.
  8. There is always room for improvement in ebay, but lately it seems to go towards the other direction!
  9. While I don't have 1000....yet. I agree, I was giving stuff away and I'll still do that with the things that don't sell. Yes, there are some headaches sometimes......But I'm love'n it!
    I can't believe some of the stuff people pay for!
  10. I have been mostly just a buyer with eBay. I did sell a few item with eBay and I never had any problems. I only had two problem.. which were both this year. 1.) I never received my book; filed with paypal to get my money back but, the seller closed their account. Although paypal sided with me I did not get my 4.99 back and it was not worth it to me to call my cc company about it. 2.) I was sold a FAKE :push: Chanel purse. I had my credit card company recover the funds for me. Unfortunately I had some money I left in my paypal account which went to fund the sale and I never got that money back. All and all, my experiences have been good but, it just takes that one BAD seller to sour everything.
  11. no the rain does seem to have let up over the last week, i'll change it back to "sunny devon" soon ! where are you??
  12. OK, it was years ago, and it didn't happen to me, but I have a friend who bought some beads on eBay, the post office lost the package, we are talking about maybe 6 or 7 dollars total here, there wasn't any insurance or anything, but she wanted to be a good eBayer so she contacted the seller to apologize for not leaving feedback and explaining why - and the seller sent her another lump of beads - at no charge, just out of the goodness of her heart!