I can't believe that somebody paid £200 for a FAKE LV bag!

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  1. I'm sorry but I'm going to have a rant!!!!

    I saw a listing this morning for a Louis Vuitton Messenger Bag


    and immediately reported it.

    I entered the link onto the LV forum here and asked other people to report it too.

    My main reason for reporting it, apart from it being a fake, is that it started at 99p with a reserve (not sure what the reserve was) but had a BIN of £200!!! Yes £200!!! I just knew that somebody was going to do that and sure enough - I have been out all day and when I looked just now - some poor ebayer has done the BIN and paid £200 for a piece of junk!

    I'm soooo cross. I want to email the seller and rant at them!

    All the stuff that the seller has said about putting a low reserve on and the BIN price being a bargain considering what they are seller.

    GOOOOOOOODDDDD! It makes me so cross that eBay don't seem to care about these auctions - as long as people say 100% authentic then it seems to be okay.

    Anyway - I've ranted and feel a little better but I just hope that the buyer hasn't paid for the item yet!
  2. this is best suited for the sticky thread for fakes in the LV Forum.
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