I can't believe that some people just really don't care about their actions!!

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  1. OK, lately it seems as though I have been talking about cars a lot. But this morning I just had a melt down and needed to vent it all out.

    Yesterday at about 3.30, my boyfriend came and picked me up from work. Nearly a block away from my house the street was blocked with police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, it was insane! We were like oh crap there's a car accident in the intersection. While we waited in traffice and slowly drove by, we saw someone lying down on the ground with a white sheet over his body. We knew that something tragic had happened. However, there was no cars or anything to assume that there was a two car accident.

    So, I get home and I watch the news. We figured out that some dump truck hit the guy at the crosswalk and just FLED! He died instantly! Witnesses remember the plates and they later on found the dump truck driver, he is yet to be charged.

    Then this is what really got me.

    This morning my boyfriend called me. He sounded extremely uneasy and stressed. He said that his BIL was in a really bad car accident. He had to be air lifted to the hospital.

    Later on we find out that some idiot didn't stop and just came onto the highway and basically threw his car off the road. His car is totalled. I asked him where is the idiot who didn't yeild. No idea, it was a hit and run.

    What is wrong with people these days! How can you just leave someone lying there, unconcious!

    It made me so angry!
    *sorry, I just needed to vent that out*
  2. :wtf:

    I hope your mans BIL is ok. I'll keep him in my prayers.
  3. OMG!!
    i hope ur bf' bil is fine...
  4. thanks everyone. I'm just so off the edge about it because it was like one after the other.

    He's doing okay now. He's stable but i believe he sprained his back or something of that matter. He had back surgery last year so it'll be a longer recovery but he will be fine.

    It could've been a lot worst. My (He calls me auntie and I consider him my nephew) nephew could've been in the car as well and it would've been deadly!
  5. wow.... society is losing it.

    I am really sorry to hear about your BF's BIL. May he have a safe and speedy recovery.

  6. i think alot of people need prozac that wont admit it and end up hurting other people, i am so sorry about your bil.
  7. :heart: Thanks. People just don't care anymore. I really hope you get her for denying dinging your car! I see it as if she can deny that, she's making her baby steps to something bigger to walk away from.
  8. Hit & runs have become a lot more common now. Could be because people are driving with suspended licenses, are drunk/high while they're driving, don't have insurance, etc. I guess they think that they're higher and bigger than the consequences that face them and assume that they'll be able to escape from the situation. But when the day comes where they have to pay for their actions, I bet they'll be wishing that they did the right thing.
  9. I believe that what you are describing is a symptom of a society that tolerates the "blame game" and that does not require a person take responsibility for their actions. Everyone has an excuse for everything they do, and they make it everyone's problem.
  10. Sorry about your BF's Bil. I hope he recovers quickly and the catch the jerk that hit him.