I cant believe that I missed it.

  1. ARGGHHH!!!

    For the past few days, my body clock has been haywired. I slept in the day and wakes up in the night. I just checked my handphone's msges and realised that my SA called and msged me a few times YESTERDAY.

    Apparently, the denim patchwork speedy came in! And there's only 1!!!!! So, whoever comes down first will get it... AND I CANT BELIEVE THAT I WAS SLEEPING ALL THE WHILE while my little bag is being purchased!! :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. has it gone maybe the other person passed it up, call her back!
  3. OMG, call back. Maybe they didn't get it! You gotta get this bag!
  4. omg! Awh i hope you get it!!
  5. call back, hopefully they saved it for you! x
  6. She just msged me back...

    It's gone..


    I'm so going to kill myself for this. I will FORCE myself to sleep at the right time from today onwards...

    *my heart is bleeding!* She promised to get to me ASAP if another one comes in...

    P.S: MJ, I am in love with your daughter! She's soooooooooooooooo pretty!
  7. I am sure she will be able to get you another one ....Don't worry ... you WILL get it.
  8. patchworks are REALLY REALLY slow coming in there is a good chance there'll be another
  9. What a bummer... i would so hate myself.
  10. *nods*

    I hope it comes in with the next shipment... Sigh.
    For the time being, I'll just drool at other's patchwork.
  11. Hopefully another one will come in soon........I am sorry you missed it.
  12. You have to figure that there was something about THAT particular bag that was NOT for you.
    YOUR bag is on its way! :drool:
  13. I'm sure another will come for you soon!
  14. Don't worry..when you get it, it will be that much sweeter!
  15. I am sure there will be another one soon for you to take home.:p