I can't believe that I just did this...!!!

  1. Oh whow I got carried away.....I came to this sub to see if a black spy would be a good black bag for automne then I saw the cognac that I just fell in love with admiring from a far also the choco and THEN....

    I saw all these beautiful blueberry spy, and I did it I ordered a Blueberry spy:sweatdrop:!

    Will not get here before end of next week or eventually the week after I am excited, breathless and...on water and bread for the next few months!!!:sweatdrop::tup:
  2. Isn't it wonderful how this forum makes us all so fickle, and after a while, we just want everything :p. Congrats on your new spy, post pics when it gets here!
  3. LOL catcat I was just reading your other thread... Nice one, you won't regret it, the blueberry is absolutely beautiful. Did you see chloebabe's thread? She just got one as well and it is stunning. Can't wait to see pics!
  4. oooh cat well done, you wont regret it I am sure, the colour really does seem to change before your eyes :biggrin:

    did you manage to get a good deal on one? cant wait to see the piccies :smile:
  5. hey, just thought, we are soon gonna have enough blueberrys on the forum to make the most devine muffin hee hee ;)
  6. Oh wow, congrats! I am new to the Forum and so far my posts have been about beautiful spy purcahses! I'm daydreaming of a blueberry spy right now.....:love:
  7. Congrats, I can't wait to see pics. :yes:
  8. Congrats! Hope you love it :smile:
  9. this forum is evil! :devil:

    congrats! ;)
  10. yay! You made an excellent decision! We should make a blueberry pie thread and post our blueberry spy pics in it...:drool::heart:
  11. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!

  12. Thanks everybody for your well wishes, really like this "sub", everybody is so warm and welcoming and it's still not too "big" (moving too fast) to keep up.

    I am looking forward to addying my little berry to the pie!!!:p
    This morning I had a bid of buyers remorse so if the color doesn't go with my stuff etc....I think you know what I meen but we will just wait and see. I got it for about %30 which is a good but not great deal.

    Hungry now need to get breakfast (am up for a while now )...hmmmcraving a blueberry muffin,

    thais is bad:rolleyes:
  13. :roflmfao:

    30% off is great! I had to pay full price for mine. At least I got 30% off the matching heels. Now you got me wanting to have a blueberry muffin as well!
  14. Congrats I am sure your will love this bag.
  15. Can I ask where you got it for 30% off. I would love to get me one, with the matching heels. But I can only find both for retail. Would love to not pay retail. Any help on the bag or the heels?