I can't believe someone made this!(Cut off a part of his LV bag!)

  1. OMG I was so shocked. Someone created a bracelet with a part of an LV Damier bag and that Louis Vuitton giftstuff...

    I can't believe it....

  2. That looks AWFUL... what a waste :/

    It seems kinda pointless to do DIY with your own accessories, you'll hardly ever make it look any better plus it'd always bug me that LV never really made it.
  3. :nuts:

    maybe from an imitation...

    i don't think anyone would cut a piece of their $$$ bag...lol

  4. The bag could've been irreparably damaged (or fake)- I really don't think that anyone with even a bit of sense would cut up a bag for sh*ts and giggles.
  5. Oh what a waste... Did you see that on eBay? :s
  6. there's no red interior, i doubt it's real
  7. oooooh that is actually painfull see not to mention doin it:wtf:
  8. Wow, they didn't even cut in a straight line... I don't believe that is real either, no one would do that to a bag!

    If you can see, in the second picture, the other side of the damier is like a black fabric, does real canvas have that on the back? Because I know for sure that fakes have that funny black woven stuff on the back...(I ripped apart a fake belt and the canvas had that on the back)
  9. ^ haha so true!
  10. some people are seriously crazy. :rolleyes:
  11. im sure if they cut it off of a real bag the lining would just fall off whatever they cut. so i dont know how you would authenticate that as i dont know too many people that know what the back of the plain canvas looks like. either way it looks gross.
  12. maybe it is part of a fake damier belt and he just need to cut them in many pieces like that. wait and see if he has like....ankle bracelet, headband....:graucho:
  13. creative.... but NO! :tdown:
  14. Crazy if it were a real piece of damier but as all of you have said, I highly doubt it.