I can't believe someone is selling this for $3800 on eBay (ro)

  1. :wtf: :yucky:
  2. it looks very tarnished and old.. but i'm intrigued at the fact that its 120 years old! An antique, if you will. ;)
  3. It looks very old.
  4. I don't think it looks that bad given its age. I agree with amamxr that someone should buy it and restore it.
  5. So cool!
  6. its vintage, it will sell. Ive seen them go for over $10k

    just ask jessica simpson, she paid $20k for one
  7. I'd definitely have it restored too! You don't find vintage trunks every day. :smile:
  8. hmmm.. I think I will pass on this one.
  9. Beautiful
  10. Yeah that's reasonable, actually..Karen has these on her site:
    Monogram Small Cabin trunk $8500 (ca. 1896-1908)

    Monogram Trunk $8800 (ca. 1910)

    Damier Courrier trunk $9500 (ca. 1888-1896)

    Monogram trunk $12000 (ca. 1900)
  11. Thats one piece of intense history right there, I think is captivating. Sure it could be restored, but omg..just the stories that piece could talk of if it could, things it's seen, been, etc...

    just..awesome. :yes:
  12. It's an LV antique. I was expecting an old bag.
  13. ^^ yeah