I can't believe some people......

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  1. Today I was about to buy my first pair of CL's. Last week I finally made the decision I want to buy my first pair, because all these years I would rather save up my money and buy jewelry or a bag or something else instead of buying a pair of CL's because I thought I wouldn't get much use out of it. I got already excited when I decided I'm going to Amsterdam next week to try and hopefully buy my first pair. So today was the big day and I went to the only shop here in Amsterdam which sells CL's.

    I have to tell that I went to Burberry first, to buy a fur collar for my trench coat, so you can see the difference in assistance. The guy who worked there was really nice and helpful, asked me what I was looking for, talked to me nicely, asked if I wanted something else etc. something all SA's should do. So I walked out the Burberry store very pleased. Then I walked into the store to try on the CL's. There were two SA's, one was very young, I think 20 something. The other one was in her 60's. I said hello to them very friendly, they looked at me, said nothing and turned their backs and continued talking to each other. I looked very confused at my boyfriend and thought hmm ok, whatever, maybe they didn't hear..... I looked at the shoes, and I felt super awkward, they were staring at me. I dressed very casually, so couldn't figured out why they would stare like that (I wore black jeans, with a shirt and cardigan on top, my chanel flats and chanel bag). My boyfriend told me when we got out of the store they were trying to see if my Chanel bag was real.. seriously, got nothing else to do? Like helping me? It was so awkward, I thought I should break the ice and ask them if they have the Very Prive I was looking for. The young lady told me not friendly at all 'no we don't have it.' I told them oh ok, I'm just trying to figure out what my size is, do you maybe have a shoe that almost fits like a Very Prive? The old lady jumped in and said very cocky and arrogant "NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT" (yeh she was almost screaming at me) she said all shoes are handmade and not one shoe fits the same.. I told her that I know they are handmade, but I just want to try a shoe that is also in the same fitting range like the Very Prive, sure it will not exactly fit the same, but you can be nice and just help me suggest something. Again she was almost screaming 'NO NO, YOU CAN'T DO THAT, OOOOH NO YOU CAN'T ORDER ONLINE. BLABLABLA' she was giving me baaaad attitude. I was still really polite and asked them nicely if I could just try anything on then, so I can have something to compare. She asked me really *****y 'WELL WHAT DO YOU WANT TO TRY ON THEN HUH?!' I wanted to respond seriously, but then I thought, what the hell am I doing? Why am I still being this polite and calm while she is acting this way to me? She's not better then me. So I told her ' you know what? Never mind, I don't even want to try a pair on.' and I walked out of the store.

    Seriously, I felt sooo humiliated, by what?? An old lady from 60 who's self-esteem is so low that she had to react it on someone else. I can't believe people act that way. Do they really feel good acting that way to people? I've never worked in a clothing or shoe store, but I did work in hospitality in some sort of lunchroom and I was always really polite, I really wanted to be nice to people and trying to please them and if something wasn't there they wanted, I'm offering them something else. I mean they could have also gotten me on a waiting list or try to sell another pair or WHATEVER, but they could have just done something instead of acting this mean. Seriously, you want to make money and see your customers leaving the store pleased so they will return or what? I know I will be never coming back to that store. After that it really made me appreciate the SA at Burberry even more. I think it's really important how to treat your customers, maybe even one of the important things, well for me at least, if you work in a store. I'm now going to order online and read all about the shoe, rather then going back to that store.

    Sorry for the long story, just really needed to vent, can't believe people like this get hired in a store. :shrugs:
  2. I am so so sorry you had such a bad experience going in to buy your first pair of CL's. That is not what I would expect of SA's working for the brand. I would find out if there is someone you could contact to complain about that. No SA should make a potential customer feel the way they made you feel - that is inexcusable and horrible. I hope that you are able to find another CL boutique or store that will turn your bad experience around. A CL purchase should be special, no matter where you purchase it and you don't deserve that. The nerve of some people!!!

    I know exactly how you feel and it is horrible. I had a similar experience when purchasing my first pair of CL's at Bergdorf's in NYC. At the time, I was a 25 year old girl, nicely dressed and respectfully asking for help. The SA (an older gentleman) was so not helpful to me when I asked if they had a 39 to try on in patent leather. He simply said "no" and when I asked if he could check the back for another color for size, he told me no and said they had no 39's and that it wouldn't fit me anyway. Granted, it was right after the holiday's and the store was busy with women purchasing the wonderful shoes on sale, but still! I thought I deserved to be helped and treated respectfully. I left immediately, walked over to Barney's where a helpful SA brought me out a few pairs to try on. Turned out, I was a 39 and I gave that nice SA the commission on my first pair ....

    I do hope there is a way for your to have a good experience buying your first pair! I am sorry again that this happened to you!
  3. Thanks for replying and to know I'm not the only one with a first bad experience! Yeh I just can't believe people like that, I'm always wondering if something has happened to them personally, like have they been bullied when they were younger that they are trying to compensate for it now? I just can't understand what's going on in their minds. I mean why can the Burberry SA be nice, but she can't, really how hard is it? It's also making your job more fun if you're being nice.

    I'm going to find another store that sells CL and otherwise I'll just order two sizes online and return one of them! :smile:
  4. OMG ! This is terrible !! I am so sorry you had to have this experience :wtf::wtf:

    But, look at the bright sides, online shops have sooooo much more to choose from ;)

    Hope your next experience with trying on/ buying CL´s will be more positive !
  5. That is absolutely terrible and almost laughable on how they turned away someone who wanted to buy a pair of CLs. (Obviously not laughable like haha but laughable at their stupidity, immaturity, etc).

    Hopefully you will be able to order a pair online. Maybe you could call and explain the situation and how you were planning on purchasing a pair etc and they could accommodate the shipping? I would def complain though. No one should be treated that way.

    Even if you came into the boutique in gym wear carrying no purse, a SA should NEVER treat a potential customer that way. You never know how much someone has or is willing to spend by how they dress. (And personally, your outfit, bag, and flats sounded comfy, stylish, and perfect in my opinion. You shouldn't have to get "dressed up" to be treated w respect).
  6. this is terrible but you sadly get this a lot these days.
    SAs that think they own the place... or some that have grown bitter in the job..
    and just for an FYI i have worked in all aspects of the fashion industry up to the highest position (including training staff, buying, etc) and up to this day i just do not understand the attitude..
    and even though i am in the business myself and go shop elsewhere, if i really want something i happen to nowadays shrug it off and just get what i want IF the SA can be bothered.
    If it is really that bad i just happily go elsewhere, noone so miserable deserves my business

    i think online might be a great option :smile:
  7. Aww- I'm so sorry you had such a horrible experience. I attempted to look for my second pair of CLs here in NYC with Saks and Bergdorfs and didn't have a great experience, so I was going to try the boutique. Maybe not...

    It's interesting how some stores can have amazing customer service (Hermes, Burberry, etc) while others don't. We're spending a lot of money on these products and they are getting commission. Isn't it in their best interest to treat the customers well?

    I second mrl1005- you shouldn't have to be crazy dressed up to get attention or good service. I walked into Hermes today in leggings, a North Face, and a Longchamp bag and still got great customer service! Customer service can make or break a store or even a brand!
  8. I'm so sorry that you had such a bad experience at that store, especially it being your first CL experience. That is so very unacceptable. There are rude SAs like that, but I would say that there are more friendly ones out there. If at all possible, visit another store and maybe you can develop a relationship with a good SA from there. Good luck and hopefully we'll see a reveal really soon ;)
  9. What a terrible experience! I can never understand the snooty attitude of some SAs. I had an exceptional experience in the Las Vegas boutique at the Palazzo. SA was so helpful brought out different styles, advised me on sizes and she turned out to be spot on, and let me have a walk out on the marble floor in the mall to get a proper idea of how the shoe fit! I'd definitely complain its shocking treatment!
  10. Please use the "Power of the Pen" I would either email or write a letter of your displeasure... it isnt right for a store of that statue to allow their workers to treat people like that...
  11. It is too bad you were treated in this way. The Louboutin shops that I have been to have had wonderful SAs. One lady chatted with me for quite awhile about the different styles, even thought I was not purchasing at the time. Another, asked me not to take photos (now I understand why!), even though I was taking them for a CL loving friend who could not be with me that day. I am sure you will have a better experience at another store. I just purchased my first pair, and LOVE them!:biggrin:
  12. I am sorry this happened to you. I was treated this way at Christian Louboutin Las Vegas. Maybe not exactly, but let's just the say the service was not what I expected. I do have great luck at Barneys, Neiman Marcus, Christian Louboutin the online store and Saks Fifth Avenue. Thank God we aren't limited to the store!
  13. It's too bad this happened :hugs:

    I totally know what you mean- some people are just so rude! I hate when people don't even greet you and refuse to help you even when you are willing to buy something. You were right in walking out. They don't deserve your money :tup:
  14. A friend of mine had a similar experience buying some ferragamo shoes and a belt. He had already researched what he wanted so he knew the size and style he needed beforehand. H's a personal trainer so he walked into the store in his work clothes and the first SA he walked up to basically ignored him. The next one was very nice and within 10min had made an easy commission. The next time he went into the store a week later, (this time wearing a suit) he made it a point to walk straight past the first SA (who now all the sudden was interested in helping him) and went and made another quick purchase from the SA who was polite to him the first time.
  15. That's exactly the kind of story that makes me continue to purchase online over in-store.

    I've had so many mixed reactions with SAs - some helpful, some snotty and just plain rude. I hate how they judge you on what you're wearing, and how usually at a store there will be a "regular" client there who everyone is drooling over, but if you're a newbie and actually NEED help, they will avoid you.

    Just sad. That's why I buy all my CLs on Neiman Marcus online - good return policy, no hastle.