I can't believe she lied!!

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  1. I sold a designer scarf on eBay and it was in new condition,beautiful! I received an email from the buyer and she said that the scarf was not in perfect condition but had a few runners. She had 100% feedback (over 400) so I wrote her back and said that maybe something happened when I packed it. Anyway, she wanted a discount she didn't want to return the scarf so I returned $40.00 - large amount. I just noticed that I forgot to leave feedback but had a weird feeling so I checked her auctions and sure enough there is my scarf for more than she originally paid for it! Should I tell her I know or just let it go? Man this ticks me off!
  2. That is not nice. She should pay you back the $40.00 if the scarf sells for more than she paid you.
    Sometimes you are just better taking something back than having to deal with these type of people.

    Sorry this has happened.

    Good luck!
  3. WOW! What a sneaky little 'B'! Personally, I would want to let her know that I know what she did. However, it's probably not worth it at this point. I'd just be careful in the future about giving partial refunds. Some people are such jerks!
  4. Did she relist it in new condition, without mentioning the alleged flaws? If she wants to resell it that's one thing (annoying, but legit), but if she's claiming that she received it with flaws AND advertises it as perfect, that's wrong.
  5. Never refund without some kind of proof or getting it back first. Photos would suffice if you are sure what photos she sends you are of the item you sold.

    Sorry that happened.

    And perhaps you should ASQ the seller on it and amend your FB?
  6. That is what I was wondering as well.
  7. What a b!tch!!
  8. I agree with all above post. She knew what she was doing and she did lie. She sounds like a pro con artist to me. Sorry. Sad thing is even if you tell her, it won't do any good.
  9. WOW! That really sucks.
  10. Lesson learned, new scams all the time. I haven't encountered this one. I would also have requested the item back. Unreal.
  11. Boy, that totally sucks :mad: I'm sorry that happened to you.
  12. Let us know what happens, you should contact her. That is not acceptable...
  13. Did she state any flaws in her auction?
    If not, I would call her on her duplicity. What a conniving B!

    You mentioned not leaving feedback yet..which may be your only recourse here.
    Vent well, take the high road and give her just what she deserves, lol!
  14. That really bites. I would be honest in the feedback, if you haven't already left it.
  15. What a nasty person - you should leave her comments in the feedback - she is ripping you off big time. I would also block her from bidding on anymore of your auctions. She is a conniving b**ch.