I can't believe myself!!

  1. I finally had my shopping trip today!!! :biggrin: I labored all night over which store to go to first, Hermes or Louis Vuitton. I ended up deciding that Hermes was a much better first stop than LV. I went in, and everyone was just as nice as could be. The SA showed me several different agendas, including the zip ones (not the Vision, it was larger and went by a different name), a Dogon (which I didn't need at the moment, since it was a wallet), and the Globetrotter in several sizes. I decided on the Turquoise Globetrotter in Mysore Goatskin, the largest one that they had, which was 7 1/2 by 5 1/2 :heart: Only now do I wish I had purchased the zippered wallet-agenda, but it's okay, I'll just buy a wallet this year and be fine and happy ^_^ Next I looked at some Twillys, and ended up getting one blue with keys. I wanted more so bad, but I knew I had to go to LV and buy a bag and wallet :crybaby:So I went with what I had, and they were so nice, they gave a bunch of perfume samples to my boyfriend and I (one of which I will most definitely be purchasing soon, Rose Ikebana, unless of course I find one I like better next time!).

    After that, I went to LV and wow. Everything just changed! I had never purchased anything there before, and had resolved to buy a workhorse bag and wallet. So I did, spending a very hefty sum of money. Something just wasn't right though. I went to lunch with my bf after that and he said it looked like someone had killed my puppy...he was right, I was miserable. I HATED the LV bag. Every single one that I tried on I hated, and I tried one from EVERY line. But for some stupid reason, I had still purchased one, and the wallet to match. My boyfriend saw how unhappy I was and asked if I wanted him to return the LV items. He said I seemed much happier at Hermes and really content with my purchases there. He was right.

    So less than an hour after I purchased them, I returned all the LV items and went back to Hermes to look at bags!! :love: I looked at a gorgeous orange Trim and that beautiful pink (rose shocking? I believe) Bolide. They are love, and I am very close to having the funds I need for one, so I pretty much said screw it, I'm saving my money for a couple months and buying the bag that I REALLY want!! That's it I'm an official Hermes ADDICT and there is no going back!!! :nuts: From now on my work horse bags for the rest of college will continue to be my beloved, brightly colored Juicy Couture Daydreamer totes (one of which I'm going back tomorrow to pick up!). The sweet SA at Hermes even understood why I liked Hermes and Juicy Couture over LV; the colors are so much brighter and more beautiful, and the quality difference between LV and Hermes is remarkable! When I was holding all of those LV bags, I felt little more than like I was holding expensive plastic. I started to get the feeling that I was going to be a walking label, and I loathed the idea. Hermes felt wonderful!!! I love the bags that aren't easily recognized, the ones that you wouldn't recognize unless you are an Hermes fan!

    So I'm sticking with Hermes bags and leather goods from now on :yahoo:And I took piccies!! I wish I had bought more today, but I'm content for now, knowing that my next big purchase will be soon and will be a lovely bag (and hopefully a wallet!)!! Sorry the pics are kinda off colored, I was taking them under the low lighting of my bedroom. The color is so much more gorgeous in person!
    hermes1.jpg hermes2.jpg hermes3.jpg hermes4.jpg hermes5.jpg
  2. Neeya, what pretty choices you made. I like that twilly, very much. And, a boyfriend who understands Hermes, just has to be the best. I enjoyed your Hermes day shopping story:smile:
  3. YAAY!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you Neeya!!! Your Bolide is right around the corner and I promise you, you will love and adore her for a very long time!

    Beautiful first choices too! The Globetrotter is an excellent agenda and you'll use it every day!!!!

  4. Thank you!! I'm so excited about purchasing one!! I worried over whether or not a handbag would be bad for me since I tend to set things down and leave them, but he showed me the shoulder strap that went with it. I was thinking oh no that has to look terrible, a should strap with a handbag! But my god it still looked beautiful with it! The strap was the perfect length for it, and took nothing away from the beauty of the bag. The orange trim was just gorgeous too, and it tempts me so as it is a shoulder bag! It looked great on :love:
  5. Congratulations Neeya!!! Excellent choices!! There is no turning back now!
  6. its beautiful!! Welcome to the orange side- H can really ruin other brands for you...no turning back now!
  7. LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY! A big Congratulations to you!
  8. You made some wonderful choices and have great goals for the new year! You won't regret your H purchases....and the nice thing is you can find some lesser priced items that will make you happy. The bangles and bracelets are fun also! Enjoy your new goodies...
  9. Better to wait for what you really love. How mature to recognize that so quickly--it can take me a long time to understand why a purchase isn't satisfying (I have a Prada that fits in that category and it's way too late to return or exchange; the cost would put me well on my way to an Hermes bag. I could kick myself!)

    And I really like what you selected. I've got to visit SouthPark again--Hermes wasn't open last time I was there.
  10. Wow! Congrats !! I like the twilly and your Turquoise Agenda, how true is the color in daylights ? I love all blue stuff ;)

    I agree that Hermes kind of ruin it for you to other brands.. that's what happened to me (and I didn't believe it either...)

    Just so nice to see your joy and excitiment - CONGRATS!
  11. wow - what an epiphany!! I'm thrilled with your lovely purchases and that you are saving to get a "forever" bag from H that you will really treasure. Both the Trim and Bolide are fabulous!
  12. gentle reminder, princessfrog > a rainbow effect needs more than blue :lol:
  13. The color is exactly the same as this: LUXURY-SHOPS.COM - Hermes, 27cm Bolide, Handbag

    Thank you to all of you ^_^ I'm really happy right now! It's amazing the weight that was lifted off my shoulders once I had returned all of that LV stuff and made up my mind to purchase an Hermes bag! The idea makes me feel absolutely wonderful :love: I'm so scared to put my agenda in my bag though! I don't want anything to happen to it :sweatdrop: lol
  14. Yay!! Glad you made it to the store Neeya! Sounds like you had a very pleasant experience. I completely understand the frustration when trying out other non H-bags.
  15. Neeya, your agenda is beautiful and I really love that twilly. Such gorgeous colors. I am glad you had a wonderful day at Hermes and I can't wait for you to get a Bolide. Congratulations.