I can't believe my mother...

  1. My mom asked to use a purse that I didn't carry that often as an everyday purse. So I gave her my Prada bag. A week later she says the lining in the inside is torn and she can never find her stuff. I said what do you mean? I look in the purse and its torn. I've had this purse for about 4 yrs at least no problem she gets it for about two weeks and it's coming apart. Round 2 she asked for another bag like a sucker I gave her my Gucci bag. The first bag my husband brought me when we were dating. She comes in my house today and she had ripped the leather off the handle. Then she called my purse ragedy. :rant: I said what are you doing to my bags. I've let you use two purses in the last two weeks and you have damaged them. I said you can go get a knockoff bag because you are not ready for the real thing. She is my mom I love her but the lady is rough on handbags. Now I have to get my Gucci bag fixed. She made up for it by taking me on a clothes shopping spree.:lol: I should have made her buy me the Hidden CC's Chanel purse. But she will never borrow another purse of mine.
  2. Wow, that's a sticky situation to be in. My mom's kind of like that. I'd cringe at letting her borrow a bag! I once found a half eaten cereal bar in her LV Speedy!! Oh and jar of nail polish! Two big no nos!
  3. Yikes! That is no fun! Hopefully, your mom will find a bag that she wants all for her own!!! Or get her one for mother's day!
  4. Lol!!! Luccibag that is so funny...
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    perhaps this metal handbag?:yes:
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: That's exactly what she needs...
  7. Aww. She's your mom, and handbags are just stuff. It's kind of sad she doesn't share your standards, but clearly she raised you well so you have high ones.

    You've been really kind to share your things with her, and now she probably just needs her own bag. Perhaps you can get her something stylish for Mother's Day? It's not the price that matters. I'm sure whatever it is, she'll be proud to tell her friends that you gave it to her.
  8. I've stopped loaning things to my mother. She is just too irresponsible. 90% of what I loan to her is never returned anyways! Sometimes you just have to learn how to say NO even if it is your mom.
  9. Coco-nut, you are so right but you should see what she did to that Gucci bag. I mean my husband brought it for me. That was when he was in the training stages of my taste.:graucho: He'd get me if he saw this.:P
  10. what is this hidded CC chanel bag you speak of??? :smile: i'd love to see a pic.
  11. *hugs* april. I can only imagine. My own mother has been hard on a few of my things too. And she not only wants to borrow things, she sometimes wants to buy them from me - as if I would sell something to her - so I've just ended up giving her stuff. And things I've really liked.

    Anyway, I'm so sorry for your loss. I can appreciate what a difficult situation it is.
  12. def. buy her one for mums day!
  13. when my mom was alive, i always gave her bags.. she cannot borrow my bags coz of similar situations the forum ladies have mentioned..