I cant believe my LUCK! My tassell problems solved and lesson learnt!

  1. As some of you know, I have been searching high and low for a pair of BLACK... yes thats right BLACK tassells!

    All of the major retailers did not have any and couldnt get their hands on any...

    BLACK tassells... imagine how impossible other colours may be..!
    Anyway - I rang a boutique in AU that sells Bal bags (way over-priced so I dont buy from them) and asked about the tassells.

    The SA told me to come in and she'd give me some... but alas, I live in another state!

    She then told me she would just post some to me, and I didnt have to pay for them :wtf:

    I was sooooo wrapped. She's posting them to me on Monday.

    LESSON LEARNT: To always buy an EXTRA extra set of tassells when buying a Bal bag... because even black tassells can be hard to get your hands on! This time around I had no choice as my bag was pre-loved... but I will be doing this for all new bags purchased from now on!

  2. Wow....good to know, thanks!:okay:
  3. I am currently in search of black tassels. :push: Glad you found yours!
  4. BalNY never has tassels for current seasons, just make sure the new bag you are getting has some!

    Fantastic that you were able to get the extra tassels!

    I wish you well,

  5. that's pretty generous of them. must be CS you're referring to?
  6. great idea, I never thougt to get extra tassels. will do from now on.
  7. Wow, which boutique was that?

    I wonder if they have past season colors....
  8. Sounds like CS. I don't think Cosmopolitan Shoes or Miss Louise will do that ;)

    Fashion cult, we need to meet up and fondle each other's bbags :graucho:

    Ok did I just sound like a total wacko just then? :nuts:
  9. I got a Cognac City for my birthday and will guard the spare tassels with my life, after what I've heard here from various ladies.
  10. how cool is that?! extra tassels are hard to come by.
  11. JadeLeaves it actually was Cosmopolitan Shoes believe it or not! I wouldnt dare call Miss Louise for anything... they scare me... lol

    tooshies I think I just got lucky. She said no at the start (but probably heard the desparation in my voice) and she then asked what colour I wanted (black) so she put me on hold and then said she'd send me some.

    Considering I didnt even buy my bag there, I think I was very lucky indeed.
  12. OMG you are kidding!

    Ok, a small tick for them :p
  13. Hehe yep - just a small one though! Their prices are beyond over-priced.

    I will visit them when I go to Sydney next month though, just so I can be in an actual store that has real-live Bals!:roflmfao:

    All of my purchases have been from pics!
  14. OMG, are you kidding me!? I didn't know that they could be nice!!!:nuts::nuts:
  15. Cosmopolitan Shoes has Bbags? :wtf:
    I didnt know that!