I can't believe my luck....... I feel like the luckiest girl in the world

  1. I just can't believe I finally managed to get my very first brand new fresh from the store Hermes bag.......... I've revealed my Birkin & BBK that I was lucky to buy from friends but this is my first H bag that was offered to me & luckily my DH came to my rescue & offered to buy this beautiful bag for my Birthday & Christmas so I can't thank him enough.

    I just wanted to share my excitement & first brand new bag with you all.

  2. Get on with it then!! Lol
  3. Here!! Lets see it :biggrin:
  4. whoooo! how exciting!
  5. Yay!!!
  6. Congratulations! I know how u feel. I had the same feeling when I was offered my first B which was the exact spec I had hoped for. I felt euphoric!
  7. exciting!!
  8. DD CONGRATS !! So curious to see it ;)
  9. What a way to start the day!!! I want to see:smile:
  10. Hoorah!! So exciting. Let's go!!
  11. Come on, come on....wanna see before I am off to work!!!!
  12. Waiting !!! :woohoo:
  13. Hurry, I need to go to bed soon!
  14. Here to share the joy.
  15. [​IMG]