I can't believe it!!!

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  1. i SAW that! omg. i wonder what happened. she changed the bin? i wonder if she meant it to be 2500 or something. i was thinking about that all day!
  2. :wtf: Some lucky person out there that got a keepall for $25 though..
  3. I don't know. I was ready to bid too and I couldn't believe it.:crybaby:
  4. I think the seller lowered the price and agreed to something privately so they wouldn't have to pay fees on the listing.
  5. i bet that's what happened too. i didn't even think of that. i thought they must have made a mistake. was it real?
  6. ^ Yeah I think so too. I've seen many situations where people sell their LV bags for a BIN price of $0.01 & leave a +ve feedback. You know there's definitely something going on :whistle:
  7. OMG that's insane!!!!!!!!! I wish I had a lucky day like that..... haha
  8. A lot of ppl do that so they don;t have to pay higher eBay fees
  9. That is soooo sneaky! The things you learn on TPF is amazing!
  10. That is so true!
  11. :yes: Past time, I ever saw some sellers did it to safe fees. So the winner not get it for $25 but with the price they agreed.
  12. $25, that is either TOO good to be true...or like everyone else said, they must have some private agreement, against the rules!
  13. ITA :yes: