I can't believe it!!

  1. I bought the Softy Faridah in Poppy....Love the purse so much I could sleep with it. I have only had it since the 5th of Feb. Anyway...I was looking at the handle yesterday and noticed that the stuff that they put on the handles to cover the stitching was pealing off. I couldn't believe it. I took it straight to Nordies and they did find me a new one and had it sent fast...but has anyone else had a problem with the bag itself. I have never had an issue before with any bag. I hope you understand what I'm talking about. If not let me know and I will try to post pictures.
  2. I totally know what you are talking about!! I own the Softy Tote for a little over a year now, but after a few short months, the rubbery coating on the straps was already peeling off! I probably should have brought it back to the MJ store where I purchased it to complain but I haven't had the time. It is a bit disappointing that it falls apart on the straps though...esp. since I spent a heftly amount on it! I don't think the marc by mj line is made as well as the mj collection bags (for what is prob obvious reasons...grrr!)
  3. Post a picture if you can, I am curious about this. I have the Softy Faridah in Chalk (last year) & have never noticed this. I not carrying it currently, so I will check it out later.
  4. Maybe it isn't too late to take it back to the store. Do they stand behind the MBMJ bags like they do the MJ Collection bags? Might be worth a call.
  5. I can't post a picture because I returned it today. I will tell you it's were all 3 pieces of the strap come together. The put like a same color glue or something on it. All my purses have it on them somewhere. Some are on great and you don't even notice...like LV others not so good. I will show you when I get the replacement in the mail.
  6. weird. you're talking about the edge paint, right? i've never had it peel off on any of my mbmj bags. i've had the softy hobo in chalk for about a year now. no quality issues with it whatsoever.
  7. I have never had it peel off in any purse before. I couldn't believe it. the girl at Nordies said maybe it was just that bag...so keep your fingers crossed because I love this purse. I really hope the next one is perfect.
  8. that is frustrating! i hope your new bag doesn't have the same issue:yes:
  9. I got my new bag I was all excited and it has the same thing wrong with it...do I go for the 3rd bag or call it a day.
  10. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that you got another faulty Faridah! If you really love the bag I wouldn't let this keep you from trying a third time... It's a real pain though. One would think that they took the time to look the bag over before shipping it :tdown: