I can't believe it...

  1. I bought a fake black Soho checkbook Coach wallet on eBay last October and the snap broke so it was useless to me, garbage. Since then the seller got kicked off of eBay or something because they are no longer a registered user. I still had her email address because this seller had me on her mailing list and was sending me ads. I took this wallet to Coach to ask if it was real and they thought that it was but I know it couldn't possibly be because the tongue inside the buckle was plastic and so was the zipper. (I thought that SA was not too bright but I didn't tell her why I thought it was fake, I just left after she told me it's probably real, I just went there to see what they'd say about it.)
    Anyway, my point, I emailed this person like 10 times complaining (lol) and they gave me a refund today through Paypal just to get rid of me!!! So now I have my $60 back. :yahoo:I just can't believe it. Sometimes you've got to be a nag to get what you want.
  2. That is great ! The majority of the wallets on eBay are fake and that is scary if a SA couldn't tell the difference if it was !
  3. Yay.. I am glad that you finally got your refund :biggrin:
  4. congrats........glad to see your persistance paid off. teach her not to send you all those e-mails from her own e-mail account! maybe she'll change her ways now!

    p.s. are you going to put that $60 towards a new (authentic) Coach wallet? hope so!
  5. yay! :yahoo: Glad to hear you got your money back, that's great! :tup:
  6. Yes, I've already did. I'm quick on the draw, well actually I never, ever thought I'd get my money back from the fake so I just outright bought this wallet last week:
    I got it to match a different purse of mine. I bought this small Bleecker "clutch" wallet off ebay but I had the auction authenticated first by the helpful ladies on this site. They said it was real. I'm glad I have that $60 refund to apply towards this real wallet!:smile: I haven't received this bleecker wallet yet.
  7. Good! So glad you got your money!
  8. I'm sure she'll take at least ME off of her mailing list now she knows I'm onto her shady dealings.
  9. You didn't file a Paypal claim once you realized it was fake? It does take a LONG time, but sometimes that's the only hope unless the seller wants to appease you or shut you up. So glad you got your money back!! It's definitely hard to sometimes tell the fake wallets because i noticed a lot of sellers just use stock photos or steal them from other legit sellers.
  10. I've been with ebay a long time and for some reason it didn't even occur to me to file a Paypal claim. I guess I was using the wallet, enjoying it, and it used to be a good wallet. (Until the snap broke.) It didn't bother me at first that it was fake because it was such a good fake. Now I've discovered this forum and read about how much the fakes are despised here, I'm hating the fakes too! I shouldn't put up with a fake in my collection when my other Coach stuff is real. Now I'm on the right track and my motto is "Don't settle for fake Coach!" Nevermore.

    I hope my new wallet won't be a fake. I'll find out soon.
  11. Glad you got your money back and that is unbelievable that the SA thought it was real.. sometimes I think some us tPFers are better SA's! :p